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Zaphreal and Lucretia are the newest characters to join the AFK Arena roster

AFK arena character


Popular passive RPG, AFK Arena, has announced that two new characters are coming, namely Sapriel and Lucretia. This couple is a married couple and with a tragic background you can check it out by watching some of the upcoming animated shorts.

The first short is Memory Lucrezia, which provides a brief history of the characters and shows the moment the pair were torn apart. The second nomenclature is desperate and will bring even deeper depth to AFK Arena’s fiction and the characters around it. Sapriel and Lucretia are available from September 29 and players can get one of them for free until October 26.

Choose the sapphire players of the Celestials team wisely as they are used for his lightning strikes which cause great damage. Choosing Lucretia with Hypogians you will go for a character with a physical fighting style, which consists of indirect attacks that cut her enemies into pieces. AFK Arena is available for free Google Play and App Store. While waiting for Zaphreal and Lucretia to release, check out our list of AFK Arena codes and AFK Arena layers.

Briefly look at Lucrezia’s memory:

The disappointment can be seen here:


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