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YouTube comments suck, but a new warning might help them get better



Have you ever been angry at an ignorant idiot for posting something stupid enough to be realistic, but after typing a salad of words of pure hatred, when you intend to give up a person’s ruthless skin, you will end up realizing that nothing is accomplished at all? I do not want you to break it, but it’s probably the right move (most likely). The good minds behind YouTube think so too, testing a new query that reminds users to reconsider hostile comments before it’s too late.

The purpose of YouTube is to give users a polite reminder to think before posting. So, the new feature will scrutinize comments to determine if there are any words or phrases that can be commented on, and prompts users to think carefully about whether they want to proceed with the posting. The query is not intended to interfere with friendly comments, and users are still allowed to post even if a warning is triggered with an innocent phrase.

[October 6 2020] Check out a new reminder when commenting to encourage respectful interactions: In order to encourage more respectful interaction on YouTube, we & # 39; ve been checking out a reminder before you leave a negative comment, giving you a moment to reflect on your idea and revise your answer / comments before posting it. By reminding, you can proceed with posting your comment, or take a few extra steps to edit it before posting your comment. Note: Even if an idea does not provoke a reminder (it will not capture all the negative comments) it can still be removed due to violations of Community Guidelines. Only those randomly selected to participate in the experiment will see the reminder. We will continue to adjust how and when the test results show reminder.

YouTube acknowledges that the system does not capture everything and is subject to removal of all comments if it violates public opinion. The new query is being tested today and will only apply to currently selected accounts, but will be active for everyone once it has been thoroughly checked and refined.

It’s often unspoken, but it’s not a good idea to start typing a hate sentence as an attempt to trigger it to see if the new reminder is alive in your account.

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