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You Don’t Have to Sell Us on a Good Drive

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Roberto BaldwinCars and drivers

“The whole theory is that advertising should reflect the trends of society,” said Sanjith Sengupta, a professor of marketing at San Francisco State University. Cars and drivers. Honestly, it has been very difficult for society lately. The reflection of it was in the form of a whip.

In March, when it was not appropriate to choose products with pop music and good times, brands were set up. They reduced the noise. Audi and VW changed their logos to socialize the elements, pushed a Ford merger message, and Fiat Chrysler encouraged Let everyone “explore the great indoor” and #StayOffTheRoad.

Seven or eight months before this epidemic (depending on when you start the clock), things are good, maybe not better, but different. Automakers are trying to lure customers back to the showroom and push them down the street. Kia pushes K5 “Lighting“Went with Infinity”Back to the world, “And Jaguar asked us”RestartPorsche developed the entire program.

I thought I would see for myself how effective Porsche could be, since there is nothing if I am not a victim of marketing. (I really wanted to get out of the house.)

Driving An invitation to “Discover Your Drive” by purchasing a “Porsche-Cured Drive” is a system with “Curet” buttons, and Porsche can be said to have paved the way for several maps and Spotify playlists. San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, and New York. More or less. Roads actually go out of those cities these days like everyone else, If the news is to be believed. Whatever you think about urban living, city driving usually sucks. Good to escape. I mean Spotify playlists Healed, but has San Francisco train On it. It’s hard to see why anyone would do that on purpose.

I do not own a Porsche, but I did not want to prevent it from driving the Bay Area road. I have a 2014 Subaru BRC. There’s one, it’s like a Porsche, right? Sort By? At least it’s a manual. The point is: Porsche is not my boss.

When people think of San Francisco, they think of bridges, hippies and technology. They have missed the amazing roads around the region. I’m really angry with Porsche for sharing this route.

While listening to “Heroes and Dirty Ins” by the Beach Boys, I headed for my BRZ Golden Gate Bridge. Brian Wilson is a music genius and it looks special on such a good day. I hit 101 toward Mill Valley, covering the Ramones “California Sun.”

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Roberto BaldwinCars and drivers

The ancient Mill Valley road is technologically advanced and tight switchbacks slow down the crawling speed of many drivers. You are looking at a valley that stretches into the ocean. To get the most out of these turns, you need to get out of the way of normalcy and allow slower traffic ahead of you. But the scene is magical. When the ocean wind blows through the window it is worth taking it all in slowly.

I’ve been to a switchback that has driven through dozens of expensive cars and even cheap wheels are a joy. Then that train song appears. The train has been here, but that doesn’t stop me from hating their music. Avoiding a song, however, was like being a police officer. Somehow I wanted to stop taking a photo or two. I stood outside until the song was over.

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Roberto BaldwinCars and drivers

The road travels uphill until the northern California coast is exposed on the left. I stop by a tree with two black birds. I name them Ferdinand and Kenji after the founders of Porsche and Subaru. It is not possible to explain why the BRZ does not have a turbo or the turbo variants of the electric teacon. So that makes us three.

The road from here to Stinson Beach captures the hills and mountains above the ocean. If you drive in the opposite direction, the punishment of failure is a deadly danger that ends in depth. Driving north, it’s a little more forgiving. However, most people can easily get here. Downstairs, Stinson Beach is busy. It’s not full, but it’s as close as it can get to everyone with a gap. wait a second. Are there two Journey songs on this playlist that are separated only by a song by Arctic monkeys? How did this oversight slip through the fingers of the same company that planned to suspend the 718 Cayman GT4? Shame on you.

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Roberto BaldwinCars and drivers

After Stinson Beach, the driver gets less tech. Sharp corners lead to big turns and slow drives through the small towns of Northern California, never turning into songs about the bay.

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Roberto BaldwinCars and drivers

The day is getting longer and I want to stay at Point Rees and I know it’s throwing away my time. I should have stopped. Drive is about exploring both the vehicle and the world. “Life in the Fast Lane” by the Eagles is coming. It’s a song drowning in cocaine and I can see white dust dripping from my speakers.

I circled the Nicosio Reservoir and hit the hour and 23 minute mark of my run. I know this because the music stops. The Beatles’ “ticket” is erased, that’s all. The drive should be two hours long but the playlist is shortened to 37 minutes. I’m going to repeat his greatest song about this man known driving: “Road Runner” by modern lovers. 1,2,3,4,5,6

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Roberto BaldwinCars and drivers

I turn towards Lucas Sand Road, a road covered with trees, with a punctuation mark as I climb a large rock. It’s called Big Rock. Maybe it has a more poetic official name, but if you look at it, it’s a big rock. The switchback that goes down here is the last one on the drive. When I reach 101 it melts. This is the coolest time on the drive, a cool highway back to the Golden Gate Bridge.

I arrived at the bridge and started an hour and 56 minutes later. The time that had spread across the mouth of the Bay of San Francisco months ago was largely deserted as we all hid in our homes trying to decide what was next and the ads reminded us we were all together but from a distance. By the end of the business day, there is now an increase in traffic.

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Sengupta tells me that sociologists and anthropologists are on the staff of advertising companies to keep abreast of what is happening and that they share it with automakers. Slowly, sales numbers grow again.

Do you want scientists to know that we need the joy we get from sitting behind a wind window now more than ever? Porsche, like other automakers, is truly in a strange world where we all need happy opportunities. Although the current trend is from corporate activities involving trains.

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