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Yahoo Mail now has a section for watching NFL games, because why not?

yahoo mail football hero


Yahoo Mail is one of the most popular apps on websites under Verizon’s integrated AOL / Yahoo umbrella, so it’s naturally bursting at the seams. The app already had special tabs for online transactions and shopping, both of which have little to do with sending email and now Yahoo adds videos to the mix.

The latest version of the Yahoo Mail app includes a new video tab, to watch it … NFL Sports. No, I’m not kidding. Here is the Play Store change note:

This latest release includes the latest video tab you can:
Watch live local and prime time NFL games for free on your phone every season!
Access any other sports video content on demand when none of the live games are planned, including highlights, predictions, rearrangements and more

Verizon & NFL have a Long-term partnership This allows Verizon to transport some football games Yahoo Sports app. However, I was not able to activate the video tab at all, probably because I was testing the app with a newly created Yahoo account. Let me know what I tried.

Yahoo is not the only company to blow up its email client, but this is definitely the worst example of adding functionality that is completely offline to a mobile app. If for any reason you want to use this software disgusting, you can get it from the Play Store below.

Yahoo Mail - Organized Email
Yahoo Mail - Organized Email


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