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XCOM-like Hyena Squad from Wave Light Games is out today

XCOM-like Hyena Squad from Wave Light Games is out today


Wavelight Games, the developer of Demon Rise and Shieldwall Chronicles, has released its new XCOM-like release. Hyena Skod on iOS. The game takes place in deep space, in an orbital position, and your task is to infiltrate an elite inmate with your Raga Tag mercenaries. The only problem? The station is plagued by hostile alien creatures. You must use your tactical toolkit to defeat these opponents, and use masks, line of sight and reserve morale to become winners.

Hyena Skode offers you four special classes to play with armed shackles, heavy guns, obscure scouts or occult psychologists. By playing to the strengths of each team member and using the environment to your advantage, you can fight through 12 levels, bosses and different objectives in the game.

Pre-strategic RPGs such as Wavelight Games, Shieldwall Chronicles and Demon Rise. Bears publicity for. Hyena Skode is definitely built on the formula of those games, giving you to play with different combat roles as well as destructive and diverse environments.

If Hyena Skod looks like an RPG tactic for you, watch the trailer below:

You can buy the Hyena Skod App Store For $ 1.99 (£ 1.99) as part of the launch date sale, then the price goes up, so if this seems like something you want to play with, be sure to get your copy now. The game is premium and has no IAPs or ads.

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