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XCOM 2 Collection is now open for pre-order ahead of the iOS launch in November

xcom 2 collection


Looking to launch the XCOM 2 Collection on iOS? You can pre-order the game App Store Now for $ 24.99 / 27.99 / £ 23.99.

The XCOM 2 collection includes four DLC packages (Alien Hunters, Resistance Warrior Pack, Anarchy Kids, and Shen’s Last Gift). In the XCOM 2 world, the scattered forces on XCOM are the only hope of removing the alien forces that control the Earth. In this turn-based tactic, the players command a group of soldiers to overthrow an alien castle.

Bringing a game like XCOM 2 to iOS requires serious power, which means that any iPhone released before the iPhone 7 Plus will not be able to run the game. As for the iPad, XCOM 2 supports any iPad Pros released from 2017 onwards. However, this does not extend to the standard iPad line, as support for the standard iPad will only extend to devices released from 2019. The full game comes in at 8.5GB, but Feral Interactive recommends at least 17GB of free space to remove installation issues.

Released on iOS in 2013, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, this version of XCOM 2 promises to provide a full strategic experience for mobile devices. We have good authority that Ferrell plans to release XCOM 2 on Android next year, so no one will give up.

If you can’t wait until November 5th to get your hands on this great strategy strategy game, check out our list of the best games like XCOM. There are a number of games on our list for Android users who want to indulge in a deep strategic experience. If you like something completely different we also have our best mobile strategy game guide.


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