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Win yourself a free copy of shape-shifting puzzler, Girabox!

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It is often difficult to find a balance between the most complex puzzle games and the least complex puzzle games. But in our experience the best mobile puzzle games and the best puzzle games in general are really very simple. Take a look at the portal, for example, and you will see a game centered around a fairly simple craftsman: creating a portal. But what makes the game unbelievable is how it gradually builds complexity around it.

Girobox is a puzzle game played with the same idea. The game’s core mechanic tries to use gravity to help you solve puzzles by rotating shapes and moving your icon to the target. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, like the puzzle games mentioned earlier, the Xerox box builds complexity as the game progresses, challenging the players and retaining that accessible simplicity.

There is no denying a good puzzle game, and we’re partnered with Girabox for this week’s offer. We have both iOS and Android versions of the game, so if you’re keeping your interest high, be sure to sign up below.

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