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Win one of 3 Fret Zealot LED guitar lesson systems (Worldwide)


You’ve undoubtedly found yourself with a bit of free time amid the recent pandemic. Instead of binging on TV shows or scrolling through endless walls of social media, why not take this opportunity to cultivate a new hobby, like learning how to play guitar, bass, or even ukulele? To get you started, our friends at Fret Zealot are giving away three LED guitar lesson systems that will help you master the guitar and all of its intricacies.

Fret Zealot is an all-encompassing guitar, bass, and ukulele tutorial solution that utilizes hardware and software to help players fine-tune their learning experience. On the hardware side, Fret Zealot offers a full color LED system that easily attaches to the neck of a guitar or ukulele. After it’s been installed and connected to the official Fret Zealot app via Bluetooth, the fretboard will light up with the same pattern shown on any of Fret Zealot’s lesson plans, guiding players each step of the way.

In terms of software, Fret Zealot offers an Android app brimming with educational content that covers a variety of genres, including rock, pop, metal, blues, country, and more. The app features 1,500+ video lessons, 80,000+ songs, 10,000+ chords, a rundown of each scale in every key, and even a tuning function, giving players a well-rounded understanding of the entire musical landscape through their guitar.

Fret Zealot | Learn Guitar | Courses & Lessons
Fret Zealot | Learn Guitar | Courses & Lessons

Save $20 on any Fret Zealot or Fret Zealot with guitar combo pack

Fret Zealot 8

If you end up not being one of the three lucky readers who win a Fret Zealot LED guitar lesson system, we have a special deal for you. Right now, you can save $20 on a brand new Fret Zealot ($139.99-$199.99) or Fret Zealot guitar combo pack ($199.99-$549.99) when you purchase through this special Android Police link. Note that the discount isn’t factored into the final price until you navigate to checkout. This offer is only valid through October 31, 2020.

The contest will run from September 2, 2020 until 11:59PM Pacific Time on September 7, 2020. Three winners will be selected to receive a Fret Zealot LED guitar lesson system. This contest is open to all participants around the globe. Good luck!

Fret Zealot Giveaway (Global)


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