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Win a free copy of side-scrolling vehicular adventure, Far: Lone Sails!

Win a free copy of side-scrolling vehicular adventure, Far: Lone Sails!


There is something somewhat interesting about the side scrolls as each slide on the screen reveals the world and its mysteries as the characters travel in fixed paths towards unknown destinations. It’s a formula that has somewhat amazing impact on indie games like Plaid’s Limbo and Inside, or on VideoColt’s Rain World. But Far: Lone Sales adds a twist of its own to this well-known formula that keeps you going as you sail to your land and travel through a lonely, post-apocalyptic world.

If you look at our Far Tha: Isolated Sail Review, you can see how much we enjoyed the sport! In fact, we decided to partner with Mixvision to offer several versions of the side-scrolling adventure Android and iOS.

So if lifting sails, carrying fuel to the engine and watching a land roll under you seem like an easy life, be sure to sign up for the offer below to get a chance to win a copy of your chosen platform.

To enter the offer, all you have to do is select your platform and enter it in the appropriate box. Please look at our terms and conditions first.


Distance: Isolated Sail iOS offer


Distance: Loan Sales Android Offer

Alternatively, if you can’t wait to play, you can find Distance: Isolated Sails Google Play and App Store. The game also runs Molecular Biology Steam.


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