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Win a free copy of satirical shopping puzzler Rip Them Off!

rip them off giveaway


It’s rare to find a puzzle game formula that actually feels original. We have cryptocurrencies, word puzzles, number puzzles – there are all kinds of puzzles you can dream up on your mobile phone. So when a puzzle game feels fresh, it’s hard to sit still and stay focused. Rip Dum Off is a corporate satire game where you build shops in busy cities with all their money going to the fur shoppers. It may seem relatively simple, but Rip uses the rhythm of them when trying to match your store type to the number of shoppers.

Rip Purple Off features the inspiring art style of Saul Bass and a jazzy ha tra film that gives the game a slightly more advanced feel when you make trials and errors to build the perfect store chain.

We decided to partner with Losange Labs to offer a few copies of Rip Dum Off this week. If baby shopping seems like your idea of ​​a good time, be sure to include the offer below. See our Rip Them Off review for more thoughts on the sport!

They are not yet available on Android, so unfortunately you will not be able to play them unless you are an iOS user. If you would like to sign in, fill in the box below, but please see our terms and conditions first.


PT – Drop them

If you can’t wait to rip them yourself, you can find the game App Store. For more similar recommendations, be sure to check out our list of the best mobile puzzle games.


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