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Win a free copy of relaxing puzzler Sphaze on Android!

sphaze giveaway


Relaxing puzzles are great, aren’t they? We do not know what it means to combine beautiful art style and soft music, but it creates the perfect environment for a puzzle. You can see it in great sports like Sojourn or Monument Valley – nothing kicks off with a good ol ‘puzzle.

That’s why we’re once again teaming up with developer sub-pixels for this week’s offer: Space. It relaunched on iOS in July and recently made its way to Android. It’s a good little puzzle game, perfect for anyone who wants a brain test fun. At each level of space, you guide the robots through intricate socks set against the backdrop of both imaginary and scientific worlds. With a beautiful minimalist style and light film, it makes for a perfect puzzle play.

We have a few space android codes to hand over to the lucky participants, so if you want to get one of the latest and best mobile puzzle games, be sure to go down and sign up for our offer.

If you would like to receive an Android code, please fill out the Glim form below. We need your full name and email address and may contact you within a week if you win and please read our full terms and conditions before you sign in. You can find them here.

Space Android offer

PT – Sphaze – Android offer

If you can’t wait to play space, you can find the game Google Play and App Store. If you’ve looking for a few other iOS games to play, why not try our best iOS games list? best wishes!


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