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Win a free copy of mystery-adventure game The Almost Gone!

the almost gone giveaway


Who doesn’t love a good mobile mystery? Whether it’s exploring the intricate objects in the room, or exploring an entire planet in Crystopia: Noah’s journey, the cell phone is specially designed to bring out small mysteries. That’s why, this week, we decided to partner with Playdigious and give away almost a few versions of Android and iOS. This Mystery-Adventure game is a mobile mystery game that reveals secrets to you by navigating between rooms and checking for clues as if the Monument Valley had collided with Gon Home.

But every room or scene in The Almost Gone is a three-dimensional diorama that you can move and tap to highlight important objects. If you have not guessed, we like the mobile phone’s 3D dioma, its Bad North, Memorial Valley, or Game of Thrones: Tale of Cross, and The Almost Gon are no different. We play honestly to see how aesthetically pleasing this game is.

But luckily it also has a pretty fascinating mystery, because you can lock each scene like a small puzzle box. If this sounds like your kind of game, be sure to sign up for a copy below!

There are two checkboxes, one for Android and one for iOS, so be sure to include the correct one for your platform, otherwise you will not be able to play the game. Also, if you intend to sign up, be sure to look at our terms and conditions first.


Almost gone – Android offer


Almost gone – iOS offer

Alternatively, if you can’t wait to play Almost Gon, you can buy it Google Play or a App Store. For more similar recommendations, our list of the best mobile puzzle games will help.


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