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Which Employee Behaviors Should be Recognized?

Which Employee Behaviors Should

Employee behavior refers to the conduct, attitude and reaction of employees towards work and their colleagues. Good behavior at the workplace helps in the timely achievement of set goals, helps improve performance and also builds a disciplined workforce. On the other hand, poor employee behavior could destroy organizational assets, resulting in time wastage and a decline in productivity. 

Every employer looks forward to having well-disciplined employees and will do anything to motivate and reward good behavior. Below are some of the best employee behaviors that every employer will notice and recognize.


Teamwork refers to the ability of employees to work collaboratively towards the achievement of a common goal. Employees that are good team players help break down challenging situations at the workplace and thus achieve optimum productivity. Teamwork allows your employees to brainstorm, share ideas and formulate new ways of achieving goals. Therefore every employer will want to recognize employees that are good team players.

Employees who embrace working in teams and groups are known to achieve greater profitability, creativity and innovation, and proper communication. Employers love employees who work in teams since they take greater responsibility for their decisions, resulting in the timely achievement of goals.

Willingness To Learn

Organizations will always engage in training and development programs that allow the employees to gain new working skills. However, training programs are not mandatory in most companies, and employees have to decide whether they will join the training seminars. 

Employees that turn up for the training sessions have always been recognized as hardworking and diligent employees. Training and development programs are designed to help improve employees’ performance which is reflected in increased profitability.

Besides this, if you are an employee, you should not rely only on the training sessions offered by your employee. You may decide to look for other opportunities that will expand your knowledge and expertise in this particular line of work. By doing so, your employer will view you as an employee who values their work and as an employee that takes pride in what they are doing.

Adaptability To change

Every employee should be able to adapt to change. Organizational change is inevitable, and as the company progresses in the various growth cycle, differences are likely to occur. The change could be positive or destructive, and all this depends on the behavior of employees.

Well-behaved employees embrace changes, while ill-behaved employees are likely to resist change, resulting in a waste of organization resources and time. Employers use Employee recognition awards to recognize and appreciate employees who are open to change and understand that change gives the company the opportunity to remain relevant, formulate new solutions to problems and also increase the firm’s competitiveness.

Accountability And Transparency

Accountable employees will always earn the recognition of their employers. Accountability is a trait that allows an employee to take responsibility for their actions. Accountable employees always know what their duties are and will admit their mistakes when they make mistakes. Accountability works closely with transparency, and it is right to say that you cannot be accountable and not display transparency at the workplace.

Transparency is an attribute that allows your employees to be honest, trustworthy while dealing with you and their colleges. You can always count on accountable and transparent employees to perform their obligations and duties even when you are not around. Only employees with these two attributes will be able to manage organization time wisely, achieve the goals they have set, and be responsible for their actions.

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Reliable employees can always be counted upon to perform the assigned tasks and keep their word and promises at the workplace. The best time to recognize reliability in employees is during challenging times when they are most likely to reveal true behaviors. As an employer, you will have to demonstrate patience and trust your employees to work on the assigned tasks.

Reliable employees will always produce high-quality work and with or without supervision. As an employer, you can recognize whether an employee is reliable at the workplace by observing the time they arrive, checking their dedication to workplace activities, their ability to meet deadlines and examining their passion for work.

Good employee behavior will not only result in higher productivity but also build healthy and peaceful working environments. Employers must recognize good behaviors to stir and encourage other employees to behave well. In the sections above, you will find employee behavior that employers recognize in their employees and reward.

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