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What’s the Next Big Thing In Safety Tech?

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The October issue includes our Annual Questions 20 feature. You can find this and 19 more questions and answers –There.

Automated technology, suppliers and regulators have been promising for years that automated technology will prevent the majority of breakdowns. Although computers are more reliable than humans, automated driver systems cannot eliminate all the dangers.


Tomorrow cars will crash from time to time and cause injuries. If the open design interior we have seen in concept cars becomes a reality, the reliable airbag, which is our best protection, will not be so successful in protecting us. The airbag needs to be rebooted.

Modern luggage can be seen from the early examples of the 70s. Residents receive dozens of safety sensor inputs to adjust inflation based on size, seat position, seat belt use and severity of the crash, and they are strategically placed around our seats to protect our shoulders, pelvis, neck and knees. break down. But these luggage bags are designed for people who stand upright in the front and not for those who sit in the back seat.

Swedish supplier looking forward to this imaginary future Otoliv The prototype air bag is designed to protect residents regardless of their orientation. Called the Life Cell, this single-piece airbag extends out of the headrest and side bolsters on each seat and forms a balloon chair-like cushion around the passenger’s upper body. It’s a good design, but like the Level 5 self-control, we don’t expect to see it in production vehicles for a while; The living cell is still in the developmental stage.

20 more questions

  • Have we added gears to the transmission?
  • How fast can cars get there?

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