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Welcome to the Motorbovine Era

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James LippmannCars and drivers

Maybe you think something is going to happen in the world but it is happening until you accept that it is a trend. When it still doesn’t go away, you realize you’re in the middle of an era.

As car-loving world citizens, we are in the early stages of starting a new one. We call it the motorbow era. It has been marked by automakers and car buyers fleeing sedans and small cars as quickly as possible for larger, floating SUVs.

I empathize with car manufacturers who destroy cars. Pouring development dollars into products you have to work hard at to convince people to buy doesn’t make much business sense. Similar to the current publishing era, it is marked by footprint readers and advertisers fleeing from traditional print products to pixels.

Companies that try to stay in the past without adapting and modernizing survive when technological forces shift the ground beneath them. But setting the building on fire to start fresh is risky. You try to meet people where they are, greet them with what they like, and hope the work is successful.

Car manufacturers are moving towards their customers. Pickups and SUVs accounted for 75 percent of U.S. sales in early 2020. Therefore, more and more of them are being upgraded. Not to be outdone, I am pleased to announce here that we will be responding to many articles we have received in recent years and changing our name. Cars and drivers to SUV and driver. It’s a bold new approach, and I’m sure car enthusiasts will appreciate it.

Take a deep breath for anyone with high blood pressure. I’m kidding. You will continue to see more trucks and SUVs here than anyone really wants, including us. We understand why it bothers you and why you are asking us or threatening to cancel your subscription.

But now the industry exists – the beginning of an era. The good news about eras is this: they are coming to an end and there is always something coming next.

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