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Watch the Hot Mercedes-AMG GT63 S Set a Nürburgring Record

Watch the Hot Mercedes-AMG GT63 S Set a Nürburgring Record


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  • That is 2021 Mercedes-AMG GT63S 7: 27.80 put a hip NurOf the burger 12.9 miles Nordsleaf Circuit, a new official record for Upper class (Executive Class Luxury) Cars.
  • Nordsleaf is where car manufacturers around the world are going to compete for full production-vehicle lap records. Before Upper class The reporter was a Porsche Panamera Turbo S. It closed on September 24, 2020 at 7: 29.81.
  • Damien Schafert, an AMG development engineer and former pilot, reclaimed the record he set in 2018 with another GT63 S aircraft.

The powerful GT63S from Mercedes-AMG has regained the title of the fastest luxury car from the Porsche Panamera Turbo S. Nurburgring With a 12.9-mile Nordsleaf circuit of 7: 27.80 hips. Factory-backed Porsche Panamera Turbo S is better than the 2018 record recently set by another GT63S.

The Turbo S hit a 24: 7: 29.81 lap on Sept. 24 It beat the GT63 S’s previous time by 0.3 seconds; The 2021 GT 63 S finished first in Panamera in 2.01 seconds. Right now, at the very least, the car we call the “Great White Shark in Luxury Cars” is a big fish on a track nicknamed the “Green Hell”.

Mercedes Benz

The GT63 S was fully stocked and is similar to our latest test car: an alternative AMG Aerodynamics package and track-centric Michael Pilot Sport Cup tires with 2 tires. Its driver was AMG Development Engineer Damien Schafert. The company reduced the lap-time upgrade to 2.3 seconds for subtle revisions to the 2021 model suspension.

Manufacturers have long been competing for production cars, laptops, on the 12.9-mile Nordsleaf circuit in Norbergring. Recognized as the most challenging race track in the world, it snakes through the woods near the town of Norberg In the heart of the Eiffel Mountains. Officially, there are 73 corners of the track, but some say that adding up fewer turns and kinks that a driver must travel adds up to a total of 100 or more. There are 10 to 15 turns in a typical road racing circuit.

The hilly terrain of the track has an altitude difference of 1000 feet over its distance – and the humpy surface throws all sorts of corners at cars and their drivers. For powerful passenger cars such as the GT63 S, speeds range from 40 miles per hour to slow turns of 180 miles per hour or more. High speeds, tight brakes and sine-wave pavement challenge suspensions, brakes, forces and tires. The weather can also be a problem: the runway is large so it can be sunny at one end but rainy at the other. Even on a cloudless day, some parts of the track can get wet with morning dew, making record driving difficult.

Mercedes amg gt63s at Nබර්rburgring

Mercedes Benz

The official runway website recognizes records In 12 batches. 7 production vehicles: small / sub-compact cars; Compact cars; Medium sized cars; Luxury (executive class) cars; Sports cars; Super sports cars; And SUVs / Vans / Trucks / Off-road vehicles. There are two categories for race cars, prototype / concept cars and two categories for EVs. Reports are listed on the website for most of those classes. The GT563 S is an undeniable rocket ride, with the Porsche GT2 RS, a production sports-car reporter reducing the circuit to less than 6: 44.75, which is 43.05 seconds faster than the AMG sedan.

The timing has changed slightly over the past few years. About two years ago, race management revised the way the flight rotation time was adjusted to add 761 feet and a few seconds to the hip. This means that previously reported lap times cannot be compared to more recent times. But Panamera and GT63S are the specified times. This means that the great white shark controls the ‘ring’.

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