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Video-streaming service Quibi reaches its end-of-life after six months of operation

Video streaming service Quibi reaches its end of life after six months of operation


Although some media streaming services are widely available in the current era of the corona virus, the same cannot be said QB is a video streaming service that was launched in March and is now shut down a few months later. Engadet reports The founders of the service said that the idea behind Qibi may not be enough. Video streaming service was only available on mobile devices. QB founders announced In an open letter That the QB failed because of a bad time of product release or not as strong as the idea behind it.

When the coronary virus epidemic broke out, many people no longer came to work, so mobile alone would not be so interested in a streaming service.

Founders Jeff Katsenberg and Meg Whitman, CEO of QB, said they would close the business and return the money to shareholders. In addition, they said they tried to find a solution to the success of Qibi but unfortunately could not find it.

Qibi subscribers will receive notifications of the last day to enter the platform. Such a date is not listed for a complete closure, but things will be over in the next few months.


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