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Verizon’s OnePlus experiment seems to be over

Verizons OnePlus experiment seems to be over


Verizon is not taking it OnePlus 8T, it’s already clear Mentioned about the capabilities of OnePlus Up to a big fan response at UW8 Spring on BigRead. What happened a few months later, Verizon stopped adding another great value to the money (see ours 8T vs Galaxy S20 FE Comparison) Is OnePlus on its list?

Well, apparently there was a good low sales volume. Back in July, Wave7 analyst Jeff Moore warned Due to a combination of factors such as low interest rates and irregular supply, the OnePlus 8 UW, based on his agent surveys, does not move like the hot cakes on Verizon’s retail shelves.

Will the OnePlus 8T ever come to Verizon?

Fast forward to today, it seems T-Mobile has acquired the OnePlus 8T and Plus versions to match its rich mid-band 5G spectrum. OnePlus will release an 8T model six months later OnePlus 8 has not stopped carrying the T-Mobile and Verizon has complied with the proposal.
Admittedly, there may be something else behind the decision to avoid The OnePlus 8T, Verizon requires a unique UW version with mmWave 5G network support, which requires time and testing and is slightly more expensive than the normally open or T-mobile models.

Still, summer OnePlus 8 UW sales analysis and reports that Verizon is going through the OnePlus 8T show that there is less interest in anything other than Apple or Samsung phones. .


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