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Verizon reveals pricing, release dates for new Apple devices

Verizon reveals pricing release dates for new Apple devices


Apple unveiled the new device on Tuesday Verizon, the largest airline in the United States, has announced the relevant prices Apple Watch Series 6, d Apple Watch SE, Eighth generation iPad and Fourth generation iPad Air. Let’s start with the eighth generation iPad with a 10.2-inch display. This slide will be released on Friday, September 18th at $ 459.99. Using Verizon device payment, it works for up to 24 monthly payments of $ 19.16. The 10.9-inch fourth-generation iPad Air is set to launch next month for $ 729.99 and above. With Verizon’s device payment plan, you will make 24 monthly payments of $ 30.41. These prices include LTE connectivity and 64GB of storage. If you are trading on an older tablet, the Verizon retail price is $ 100 or the device payment plan price per item. The carrier also offers $ 50 for some iPad models, including the eighth-generation iPad. Buy any iPhone model using Verizon’s Device Payment Plan, use the Device Payment Plan to buy an iPad, then you will save $ 100. If you check the box for all three of the above offers, you can save $ 250 on the price of your new iPad.
The Apple Watch Series 6 will also be available from Verizon on September 18th. The 40mm LTE model starts at $ 499.99 (or 24 monthly payments of $ 20.83). The 44mm LTE model starts at $ 529.99 (or $ 22.08 per month for 24 months). The cheaper Apple Watch SE will also launch on September 18, with the 40mm LTE priced at $ 329.99 ($ ​​13.74 per month for 24 months). The 44mm LTE Apple Watch SE retails for $ 359.99 ($ ​​14.99 per month over 24 months).

You can get an Apple Watch for $ 100 by trading an old smartwatch. Buy any iPhone on device payments and use the device payment plan to get $ 100 on selected Apple Watch models. With an Apple Watch, you can save up to $ 200 on both offers. In addition, Verizon is lowering the monthly price of a smartwatch with a specific phone number from $ 20 to $ 10 per month for all design types, including Mix & Match Unlimited, Legacy Unlimited, 5GB and 10GB, Current Meter, Legacy Meter, and more.


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