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Used Cars Are Having a Moment, Creating Opportunity for Sellers

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  • COVID-19 is a second look at used cars by car buyers, taking into account the economic and health climate in the United States. New York Times And industry analysts.
  • Buying a used car is now more enjoyable than riding or public transportation, as people want to minimize person-to-person contact and get where they want to go.
  • Production of new cars around the world was halted earlier this year, which hampered it Supply, And gave people a reason to look at the purchases it used.

    The dealer who bought you your last car has decided it is time to say goodbye again. Maybe you got one of the emails saying “I want to give you more than your vehicle is worth”. If you did, you would not be alone. Used car prices have risen and inventory has fallen, forcing dealers to try as hard as they can to put lots of wheels.

    The first signs of a used car boom came in May and June. This is after the first home detention order caused by the coronary virus here, following the overall economic downturn in the US in March and April. JD Power calculated that car dealers sold 2.1 million used vehicles in May and June, up 9% from the number sold in those two months in 2019. More than any month since 2007 Cox Automotive, People bought the most used cars in July, and that month 2.2 million used vehicles from U.S. dealers fell 22 percent compared to July 2019.

    There are a number of reasons for the recent increase in interest in used cars New York Times Writes, they are all related to COVID-19. Shock, right? On the demand side, there is more war on boarding public transport or cars riding with strangers. Earlier this year, carmakers stopped or slowed down production of new cars because they did not know how to build them safely, or in some cases switched to medical equipment. Vehicle News Production of North American cars and light trucks for the first seven months of the year was reported at 6.6 million. That’s three million less in 2019 than at the same time.

    You have customers who are not so interested in new cars as they are facing revenue decline due to job loss or job cuts. This increasing demand has pushed up the price of all used cars, including Cox Automotive’s latest car. Sales analysis Higher prices for new vehicles, especially luxury vehicles, were also found to keep prices of used cars strong. and MediaPost reports Advertisers now have more reasons to advertise to online shoppers: these days they are looking for used car terms like “test drive from home” and “buy offline”.

    Another place where you can spot an increase in used cars is at a dealer auction. The ACV auction, an online distributor-to-distributor auction site, saw a huge growth in its used car business after the downturn in March and April. The company said in July that sellers could use the ACV website and other digital tools to buy used vehicles for their plots without going to auction. Minimize their person-to-person exposure. “The epidemic has taught the automotive industry that the transition to digital is essential and must happen now,” said George Chamoon, CEO of ACV Auctions, in a statement.

    One upside to all of this is that if you have a used car for sale, now is the time. The factors that motivate people to consider used vehicles will eventually end. Cox Automotive has already identified a plateau of used car sales numbers in August, which were flat compared to July.

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