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Upcoming Xbox App Update Will Let Xbox Users Stream Games to iPhone and iPad


Microsoft is testing a new version of its Xbox app that will allow Xbox users to play remotely on their iPhones and iPads. The new feature was brought to test flight users this morning.

The Xbox streaming option is different from Microsoft’s xCloud service and has clashed with Apple. xCloud is designed to transport games from a Microsoft server, and the Xbox Stream option allows users to connect their iPhone to their Xbox console.

As Here is the approximate moment of doing As shown, the new Xbox streaming option is similar PS4 Remote Play app Sony offers it on Apple iPhones and iPads. Remote play allows users to play games on an Apple device via their PS4 game WiFi.

The streaming feature of the Xbox is as active outside the home as the PlayStation version, allowing Xbox owners to access and play their games from their Xbox when they are not at home. The updated Xbox app is currently being tested by Testflight members and will soon see a public launch.

In the case of XCloud, after recent app store policy changes, Microsoft has a way of bringing the feature to the iPhone and iPad, but with the introduction of xCloud on Apple devices, Microsoft has to allow Apple to store each game for review purposes.

Microsoft has said this is a “bad experience for customers” and that they will not be forced to “jump directly from their abbreviated directory to a single game in a single application, as they do with movies or songs” and download more than 100 games to play. Single game from the cloud. ”

Project xCloud was launched on September 15 as the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, available on Android devices and not available to iOS users.

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