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Upcoming Apple TV+ Musical Comedy to Star Keegan-Michael Key, Fred Armisen, Kristin Chenoweth and Cecily Strong

Apple TV Ray Light teal


Earlier this year, Apple signed a contract for a musical comedy starring Cecil Straw, a member of “Saturday Night Live”, and now a number of other major comedians have joined the yet-to-be-named series.

Apple TV Ray Light teal
Keegan-Michael Key, Freud Amison and Christine Chenoweth will also be performing at the concert. Diversity Keegan-Michael Key is best known for “Key and Peel” and “College Friends” and has starred in the films “Ford Amison” in “Portland” and “Saturday Night Live”. Christine Chenoweth has appeared in a number of Broadway shows and films with the television program “Glee”.

The musical comedy series takes the couple on a back-to-back packaging tour and revives their relationship. While the couple is on their way, they discover the magical city of Schmidon, where everyone who has been performing as a band since the 1940s is active.

Half of the couple on the tour will play Cecilia Sturron as Melissa and Key as her longtime partner Josh. The soft-spoken religious leader of the city of Amison will play Rev. Layton, and Chenowet will play Rev. Layton’s wife, Mildred Layton.

There is no release date for the show yet. It was co-created by Cinco Paul and Kendorio. Famous for “Despicable Me”, Paul is a performer and original composer.


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