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Top 7 Benefits Of Choosing A Career In Cybersecurity

Benefits Of Choosing A Career In Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a domain that has been in demand in the past and will continue in the future. Cybersecurity is all about securing data, systems, and processes from cyber-attacks and cybercriminals. Without proper security measures, regulations, and protocols, the data sitting in an organizational database isn’t safe. There needs to be constant monitoring and patching needed to secure the data and systems. But what about the career aspects of the Cybersecurity domain. Read on to find out the top 7 benefits of choosing a career in Cybersecurity.

Job Security

Choosing Cyber Security as your career could become the wisest decision of your life for securing your future. Because Cyber Security is that domain that will have demand even after several years down the lane.

Let me put down some facts which are reported by industry research and insights. According to these reports, there is a cyber-attack every 30 seconds. Computers connected to the internet suffer attacks of 2000 plus every day. Forbes reported that nearly 74% of cyber attacks happening are the results of employees not being aware or careless. According to another report, cybercrime cost damages to entities will exceed USD 6 trillion by the end of 2021.

Organizations, businesses, and government agencies require constant protection from cybercriminals in this digital era. So naturally, that boosts the demand for Cybersecurity professionals.

Job Growth

Once you are assured of job security, that means there are a lot of things to learn and grow in your domain. Job growth is another benefit of taking up Cyber Security Training. As we get deeper and deeper with the relationship with the internet, more arises the need for strong security and protocols in place to regulate any unauthorized access or entry.

This world pandemic has accelerated the pace of digital adoption. The Majority of the workforce is still working from home and are planning to continue that mode of working. This mode of working relies heavily on digital platforms and services. The more you rely on these services, the more are the security concerns. With emerging technologies like Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things (IoT), billions of IoT devices are on their way to the market. These devices pose a serious threat to the personal lives of every user.

Technologies like these keep emerging at regular intervals, and thus there are always opportunities to grow as a Cybersecurity professional. Another advantage for you if you are planning to break into the Cybersecurity domain is that there are large unfulfilled positions in the domain as of today. By the end of 2021, reports claim that nearly 3.5 million jobs will be left unfulfilled.

Good Payroll

Cybersecurity professionals enjoy a good payroll or salary in exchange for protecting the data and services of an organization, business, or government agency. With the rise in cybercrimes globally, there is a natural growth in demand for security professionals, and eventually, a hike in salaries to attract new professionals to the domain.

In 2015, the Cybersecurity professional’s average salary was set around USD 75,000 in the US. But in just a matter of years, the average salary of these professionals, according to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, is USD 99,730. The domain is growing at a very fast pace, and every year huge vacancies come out and go unfulfilled.

Work from Home Possible

As all the needed components are available online. You do not need a physical office setup to work. Anything you wish to work on could be accessed through the comforts of your home, just by connecting your device. You can work from any device, and that could be a laptop, PC, tablet, or even phone. This level of flexibility offers you the comfort of working from home.

You could be Self-Employed

One another benefit of the Cybersecurity domain is that you will be able to work from home and be self-employed. You could work as a freelancer by becoming a security consultant that offers to consult on security measures and protocols to other organizations and not being limited by a single organization.

Many career paths to choose from

In the Cybersecurity domain, there are many job roles that you can advance to, depending on your interest, strengths, and weaknesses. Some of the famous job roles that you have within the domain are:

  • Security Analyst
  • Security Consultant
  • Security Manager
  • Cryptographer
  • Security Architect
  • Security Engineer
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Pentester, etc.

Ample Opportunities to Upskill

Now a question might surface, how to become a Cybersecurity professional? You can become a Cybersecurity professional very easily through cyber security tutorial, online training and courses catering to specific job roles. Many courses are available online that you can enroll in, and then start your upskilling journey. Whenever you choose a course, always choose the ones that are in collaboration with top MNCs, made by industry experts, offer you lots of benefits like lifetime access and other features that will help you chart your success in becoming a qualified professional in the Cybersecurity domain.

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