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These changes being added to Microsoft’s Outlook greatly improve the app

These changes being added to Microsofts Outlook greatly improve the app


Microsoft adds tons of shortcuts to iOS and Android versions of Outlook

But this may not be the end of Microsoft’s digital counterpart. In an effort to revive its mobile apps, Microsoft announced some changes Outlook provides IT administrators with a request to encourage their end users to start using the iOS or Android version of the app. In a blog post, Microsoft explains that Outlook users are notified from their desktop or browser that they can access the Outlook experience on their mobile device.

It then sends them a text containing a link that allows users to download Outlook from the App Store. When they open the app, scanning the QR code will securely transfer their Microsoft Credentials from the desktop version of Outlook to the app on their phone. This way you will not need to enter their username and password when adding a work or school account. Microsoft says, “This experience provides a shortcut for users and IT administrators. Users can easily get started and IT administrators know quickly and confidently that they can safely scale their applications using the services they have.

Microsoft says it will add shortcuts to Outlook for iOS and Android in the next few weeks. For example, if the proposed response is enabled by the user and his or her organization permits it to receive a message to join, Send usability This will allow the user to work at the most convenient time for him or her. Knocking Schedule meeting Allows the user to create a new event in his Outlook calendar.

In the Android version of Outlook, users can respond to the app’s email notifications by selecting Archive, Reply, and Delete. Mark can choose two of the three responses with reading, flag, reading and archive or anything. By dragging, files, text and images can be added to Outlook emails. Users of the iOS 14 version of Outlook now have a widget shortcut to the Outlook calendar.

Those with an iOS or Android version of Outlook can schedule a meeting, call contacts from Outlook with their phone, and quickly compose short emails using their voice. This is in addition to searching for people, emails, events and files, or monitoring new entries in their inbox with Cortana’s help.

The Weather Outlook app comes as a way for users to see what the forecast is for on the same day, over the next three days or the next week. Finally, AI based text predictions come to the mobile version of Outlook. This speeds up the process of composing email in the app. Swipe on the screen to accept the suggested text or continue typing to ignore.

Arriving at the beginning of the new year is a reaction. This feature allows the Outlook user to quickly add an emoji in response to a message he or she has received. It allows the user to comment on an email without having to write another lengthy response.


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