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The Unfinished Swan, from the developer of Edith Finch, is out now on iOS

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Anapurna Interactive has released the artistic adventure game, The unfinished swan on iOS. The game was originally developed by Giant Sparrow. It is now known for the popular indie title Water Rhymes of Edith Finch and was actually the developer’s first game.

The unfinished swan you see is a ten-year-old orphan named Monroe. He chases after a swan that escapes from a painting and runs into a realm of mystical story books. You travel the world through chapters using ink to find a path through different regions, but find all sorts of weird and wonderful characters to find the eccentric ruler who built the kingdom.

Unfinished Swan was originally released on PS3 in 2012 and was also available on the PS4 but never made it to the PC. However, the sport was highly acclaimed and even won two BAFTAs in 2013: one for sport innovation and the other for Best Startup Sports. As we think the Walk-Simulator-Esk model will actually fit the stage, it’s nice to see the unfinished swan enter the cell phone.

If you want to watch a game, watch the original launch trailer below:

You can find the unfinished swan App Store, It will give you back 4.99 (4.99).

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