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The latest OnePlus leaks have me worried

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Ready for OnePlus two Phones in the U.S. market with the new Nord brand, according to leaks Android Central Including its first entry-level phone last month. If the details about Clo “$ 200” Clover “and sub $ 400” Billy “are true (most likely), then OnePlus Powerful There is a problem with its hands. Although the company was once known for its massive disruptive impact in the leading space, it has now comfortably settled into a turbulent market. Its usual strategies do not work here.

The era of OnePlus One and the truly insane values ​​are long gone. While OnePlus still appears to be a small but scratch start, it is now really just an attempt to justify its social media-drip-fed marketing approach – to many it is a point of frustration but apparently successful and clearly a money saver. Traditional marketing and advertising.

Most companies don’t shop “pop-ups” – virtual or otherwise.

Phone prices have skyrocketed, and one thing remains true: OnePlus still makes good phones look good Good price. While they may not be as unbelievable deals as they once were, the company’s phones also rarely agree on details such as IP rating or camera and compare Most Similarly advantageous to other flags specified. The new Nord, although sadly not available in the US, is an amazing phone. I’m been using it for the past month or so, and I’m extremely surprised about it – and very jealous that we can not buy one in the USA.

But the OnePlus flag is easy to market and sell. Here in the US, OnePlus has been able to secure the carrier partnerships it needs to truly succeed, gaining brand recognition among the Android-dominated space and (honestly, slightly smaller) unlocked buyers. But the mid-range and budget phones are a very different beast in the states, and OnePlus is moving to a market where the same kind of rules no longer apply. Also, if the rumors circulating about these two new phones are true – especially the $ 200 price tag for the Clover – then OnePlus is targeting a tactical price point.

First, you need to understand that carriers are the biggest drivers of budget phones in the US. For better or worse, we are not the first market to “buy it completely”. Carriers are the retailer of choice, and most low-end phones are sold through prepaid carriers. That last part is key: this not only has greater confidence in the company’s new carrier partnership, but also means dealing with another subgroup within the carriers. This is a completely different segment, as the prepaid market is cutthroat and rumors are circulating that the cheapest phone will be priced at $ 200: OnePlus puts it in a weird position: above the prepaid price range and below the level that carriers usually offer.

Talk to an analyst Avi Greengart in Technical, There are two ways to speed up sales in the prepaid market. Either be personally or seemingly appealing – big screen or statistically larger cameras, things like that – or be a recognizable brand like Samsung, Motorola or LG. Based on the details of Clover’s leak (and something most customers have not heard of the company), OnePlus follows the former strategy with a 6.52 large display and three rear cameras (although only one camera is useful). Don’t help here; OnePlus Bread and Butter in the US has been an exciting market for Android so far and it is shopping based on specifications and they are not going to buy a budget phone.

samsung galaxy a11 review no watermark 1

The Samsung Galaxy A11 is not an amazing phone, but what matters is what customers pay attention to. Near Clover it is cheaper.

But on paper, Clover still does not compete with exciting phones both Advantages like the new Moto G Fast. The Samsung Galaxy A11 comes with the same personal advantages and lowers the price – although you and I know other specifications like the Clover, prepaid customers don’t do as much research. Do not appeal to Clover’s advantages, such as a larger battery and better software, to the “better than I can see” group. In short, the benefits of OnePlus ownership do not come from their own hands.

The solution that Greengart told me was in store. OnePlus needs retail staff to promote the phone:

The key to OnePlus’ low-cost phones in the US is to transform its unlocked exciting brand into a short retail pitch. OnePlus customers need retailers to guide their phones. “You may not have heard of this company, but all the technical critics are curious about its high-end models.” This requires sales training, speed / competition, and telephone use for personal use of employees.

This is the opposite of the company’s general marketing strategy. That will happen if OnePlus is to succeed Requirement Spending money like never before, promoting the phone more directly and carrier staff talking about it. On the contrary, it could be a more expensive marketing proposition than the company’s flagship phones.

iPhone SE vs Pixel 4a 6

$ 400 is not people’s land – Apple can exchange it with SE (left), but Google has a better phone (right) has trouble with 4a.

The same rules do not apply directly to high-end “Billy” phones, but $ 400 in carrier-financial sales is not people’s land. Apple could have succeeded by pushing a mid-range phone at that price point, but after years of financing it, no one else could. The difference between $ 400 and $ 600 or $ 800 is real, but people pay less attention when it’s only a few bucks a month. Again: even though it’s great, how does OnePlus sell these phones? Again it comes down to better marketing and store promotions. OnePlus will have to spend more money than ever before.

That will happen if OnePlus is to succeed Requirement To spend money in a way that has never been seen before

My biggest concern is that OnePlus will always try to push the same approach: relying on specifications that do not sell alone in the US, advertising, and for months almost virtually non-viral marketing through social media. Of course, if OnePlus fails it will not be my back skin, but I would like to see the company compete with the US through higher prices. More choices are always better, and the U.S. smartphone market feels stagnant compared to the US and Europe and Asia.

OnePlus could Be successful here, but it’s going to be a careful re-evaluation of its usual strategies. The company is at a high level Admit it when it goes wrong Before, but only after it fails, I believe it is more willing to be proactive about things this time than to change its course.


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