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The Google Pixel series needs a major camera hardware redesign

Google Pixel 5 camera macro with bokeh


The Google Pixel 5 camera comes with a macro

Google Pixel strikes better than their weight in the photo ring. In our long-running Pixel 4XL review, we called the camera “amazing”, appreciating its ability to capture quirky information from its aged 12.2MP Sony sensor. But this sensor – used since 3 pixels – is no longer the pinnacle of camera hardware.

Pixel 5 uses the same sensor and shows it. While the Snapper still captures good views, it is no longer the best Android camera phone available. The only way Google can improve Pixel’s photographic power is to invest in new hardware.

Before launching the inevitable 6-pixel, we asked future readers what the future pixel camera would require. Here is what you told us.

What do you want from the next General Pixel camera package?


With over 2,200 votes cast in this poll, there is a clear winner in one of the four options available. With more than 62% of the vote, many of our foot readers believe that the Pixel series needs a full refill of camera hardware. It will be the first major redesign made by Google over the years, but it would be better for the company to focus on computer photography.

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Surprisingly, 23.4% of users want to see a new primary sensor, which we feel should be at the top of the list of things Google should do. A 108MP pixel sensor is not required, but a physically larger sensor allows future pixels to capture more light, and its software provides more information for the smart.

Less than 9% of voters want wide-angle and telephoto snappers, while about 5% think hardware is good; Further software development will bring real benefits. These two bases seem to be completely satisfied with Google’s current primary sensor setup.

Your comments

  • Joe Black: Pixel needs a complete camera array replacement – large main, large, bright ultraviolet and at least one basic telephoto. I personally don’t care about telephoto, but I know a lot of people would appreciate it if I didn’t give it up for Pixel 5 UltraRight – I mean three is logically better than two, more multifunctional.
  • feranick: They want to bring back the pixel neurons / optical essence. Compared to the 765G Pixel 4, this hardware is already struggling. With more advanced sensors and wider / tele, it should have a robust neural chip to power it all. Apple gets it, Google seems to have forgotten about it.
  • Mopedia: Also, Google does not seem to have a vision or compatibility. See how quickly they unlocked the face unlock hardware, and then it’s different than the long-term commitment of the Face ID for Apple. Then you have the visual essence. Went here one day and went the next. It’s as if Google has no confidence in its own work / efforts. I think they don’t care about compatibility and user experience. Google manages to deliver later under promise.
  • Phoenixvity: Are their algorithms specifically designed to work with older hardware? Maybe that’s why they’re opposed to the update.
  • Billa: Better camera (add telephoto) plus dual SIM and microSD card.
  • Samagon: I would like to see a larger sensor, although the phone is more comfortable to accommodate.

That is what this election is about. As always, we appreciate every vote and comment. If you still have any idea about the photo pixel in Google Pixel line or its shortcomings or just leave a line below about how you can actually improve it.


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