The Google Home app is fundamental to how you control and operate dozens of different devices, so it is one of the most feature-packed apps on Google. Now it’s even more interesting with version 2.28, the new update hints at a reprint of the Android TV, and adds a few new features around the jokes and sense of home that were ridiculed earlier this year.

Current Sensation uses Google’s AI Smart to determine if people are at home based on their device functionality. One of the interesting additions that activates this information is to support new activities for home and long-distance road construction. They make it easy to trigger specific smart home actions, such as turning off or turning on the lights when leaving or returning home. The Home App notes that the more devices that allow location permissions through attendance sensing, the more accurate it will be in predicting when these activities will begin.

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Michal Rahman Tweeted Screenshots of new additions.

With this new functionality, version 2.28 also adds support for OnHub network management. (Remember the OnHub router?) Network Speed ​​Test now shows the history of the last 30 days, which is valuable data to know when negotiating a low price with your strategic internet provider. Google is improving the experience for group meeting video calling, allowing users to invite participants directly from their home code. Finally, the update adds new categories of notifications that you can enable / disable at your discretion, including separate channels, account updates, and calls and messages for individuals and devices.

Version 2.28 The Google Home app works slowly but you can download it APK Mirror If you would like to check out these new additions yourself at the moment.

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