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The Game Boy (yes, that Game Boy) has a brand new game launching today

where is my body


The Greenboy Sports Festival solo studio has unveiled its latest Game Boy title, Where’s My Body? After a successful kickstarter campaign. In this 8-bit point-and-click adventure game, players are tasked with finding a missing body. The developers wanted to bring a variant of the game that is not usually found in Game Boy.

Where is my body? It is divided into two chapters: the laboratory and the city. As a floating hand, you must solve a series of puzzles and mysteries to reconnect with your body. Greenboy sports are inspired by classic adventure sports such as the My Manoka mansion at the Lucasfilm Games.

Greenboy Games specializes in creating games for Nintendo’s first portable device, with the mission being to “keep the beginnings of portable video games alive”. This is not the first attempt by a developer to create a Game Boy game, and titles such as Lunar Travel, Leo Legend, Submarine 9 and Micro Doctor have been successfully shipped around the world. Greenboy Games is proud to sell these games not as an easy-to-distribute ROM but as a physical cartridge.

The Kickstarter project raised $ 24,231, with an initial target of $ 4,000. Reaching the $ 15,000 long goal, sponsors will receive a cardboard box that fits well into any Game Boy fan’s rack.

Where is my body for you? at 49 / £ 44.50 / $ 57.50 Developer Website. The game comes in two western and limited Japanese editions. Where is my body? Compatible with Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance, it allows you to play this adventure game with your favorite hands.

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