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The 10 Coolest Easter Eggs on the 2022 GMC Hummer EV

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The GMC Hummer EV is not General Motors’ first electric vehicle, but it is a brand new frontier that was once best remembered for embellishing a gaseous slug. One thing has not changed: the Hummer is too big to ignore. It is huge and has all the power it promises up to 1000 horsepower. In other words, the lineup of incoming EV pickups is now heavier.

Knowing that it was a big and big deal, the designers took even the smallest detail to make their truck stand out. Here are some baked Easter eggs to grab your attention.

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Charging of lamps

This action is really cool, it will be quite useful even for Hummer owners who are equipped to charge their trucks. Once charging has started, part of the headlight will be converted into a sequential charger indicating that your battery is getting the juice it needs.

A sea of ​​calm speakers

Astronomy fans do not need a telescope to find a familiar view inside the speaker covers of the GMC Hummer EV. Remember the moon, isn’t that giant lifeless rock definitely a planet? The calm sea is there; In 1969, Apollo 11 landed. Those real historic real estate deals have been redesigned here to take a step towards the new frontier of battery-powered cars instead of fossil fuels. There is even a small boot print left, like the astronaut Edwin “Buss” Aldrin.

Hummer buttons

A closer look at one of the climate buttons on the GMC Hummer EV info screen reveals the truck’s outline. We assume that the button will change when the SUV version is launched later, but show it when you have such a unique shape.

Larger trucks need more lighting

Want to know how big the new GMC Hummer EV is? The designers had to add amber auxiliary headlights to the front and rear of the truck. Why is it proven by size? It is a federal requirement for vehicles at least 80 inches wide to have amber cab lights. That’s why you see them in heavy-duty trucks like the Chevrolet Silverado HD Series. It’s a safety feature that does not give the driver a real benefit in lighting, but it does look cool.

Born in America

With the introduction of this off-road EV, GM’s goal is to fulfill the corporate zero, zero, zero promise: GM has Hope was expressed One day the world will have zero congestion, zero emissions and zero breakdowns. GMC Hummer EV introduces GM’s new Altium Battery Pack technology that helps minimize emissions. The Hummer EV is also the first vehicle to roll out from Factory Zero, GM’s new EV plant at Hamtramk, Michigan. Find the Delicate American Flag? It is located behind the back door.

Familiar face

The first two generations of Hummer were two completely different breeds. H1, first sold in 1992, caused a significant desert storm, and H2 and later H3 were similar to the war on Christmas. One thing that every generation shares is the same grill, but while the newer models of the new GMC Hummer EV do not have the round headlights, the seven breaks through the headlights on the Hummer EV correspond to the number of holes in the grill of each previous Hummer.

Watts to Freedom

Remember Bob Seger singing “Like a Rock” while Chevy Silverado 1500 on the dirt roadside beach in the Middle East. Or the heartbeat business that is so popular that you can buy license plates for your IROC Camro from eBay? Those marketing opportunities were bittersweet for Americans, so GM recently obtained a patent for Watts to Freedom and named the new Hummer EV’s fancy launch control system. It does more than just put your butt in the seat anymore. The stereo produces amusing EV sounds and the measurement clusters are animated with special graphics. We appreciate that the Hummer has a WTF model.

H. of headlights

The design is subtle, but if you look closely you can see the smooth H-shape of the headlights. Although the GMC Hummer EV is new, its history is not forgotten. That plan is recalled in order 380 Hummer distributors globally, Always with a giant glowing h near the front door.

H. of Tailites

Just as the Jeep has been fitted to the headlights of a small Jeep Grill Wrangler or Compass, GMC has placed the Hummer EV logo on the truck’s headlights.

Hummer Hank

Maybe we’ll lengthen this a bit, but isn’t the horn at the center of the steering wheel in the GMC Hummer EV similar to the letter H? Yes, we think so too.

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