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Taking Back Control In A COVID World

taking back control in a covid world


When served with lemon … make lemonade

The COVID-19 epidemic is a unique moment in our collective human history. The 1918 Spa Spanish F flu epidemic does not even compare. It can be even more tragic in terms of mortality and lack of proper health care and services, but COVID-19 proves to be a challenge to our modern world and economy. Naturally, people, especially employees, are the ones who hurt the most.

Many respected the government’s early closure of their economy to protect the collective health and lives of their populations. As a result, many countries had a significant impact on their economies, with significant job losses and bankruptcies as a result. Naturally, decisions of this magnitude are not taken lightly and individuals directly affected realize that this short-term endeavor was for the greater good of society. Just like I live in Canada, I live in countries with a social mindset, and the government provided a safety net for the victims of the epidemic.

Government assistance provides support mechanisms not only for those who have lost their jobs, but also for employers to retain staff and cover operating expenses, such as wages and rent subsidies. Quite generous, but considering what we have faced, much can be expected.

Now that we are well on our way to an epidemic and even a second wave, what are the responsibilities of the employer, especially to government-backed employees? As an idealist, you think that they will try to rebuild and restore the economy for the benefit of all. As I said, this is an idealistic perspective. The reality is that employers are largely opportunistic and generally disappoint people.

What is really going on? Well, the current COVID job market has become a dream of every employer. While many organizations are reluctant to see an economic slowdown, when it does, they will make lemonade with the lemons they have.

One economic lemon is a top job. High unemployment for employers is the best opportunity to pick and choose, especially among those who hire them. The best and most desperate employees are hired for bargaining salaries. This is good news for small businesses, as it gives them hope and the opportunity to compete equally and effectively. However, for large companies it is an opportunistic strategy that only means satisfying the profitability of the stakeholders through significant wage savings. It provides indirect benefits for innovative capacity and low cost qualified recruitment.

You do not think this situation is so bad and you say, “Look, everyone wins … what’s the harm?” The damage is done from the employee’s point of view and you are most likely an employee and not an owner. Owners and stakeholders receive many benefits without any repercussions. These stakeholders persuade employees to believe that this is how it should work, and that it promotes genuine market capitalism and greater personal wealth. But greater personal wealth is for them, not for you.

Develop a strong work environment

This opportunistic premise seems to be a broad generalization, however, that trust is deeply ingrained in leaders, employees and society. Advertising this fake premise does more harm than good in the long run. I believe in responsible capitalism. A collective approach is needed to develop a strong work environment and a free market society for the benefit of all.

However, many leading organizations and leaders who believe in responsible capitalism believe otherwise. They believe in the well-being and growth of their employees and the health of their environment. Go find these organizations; Work for them; Stand up to lead them. They believe in responsible capitalism and will do the right thing for every party.

4 Ways to Secure Your Job

Naturally, individually we will not change the world overnight, but there are 4 things you can do now to set a positive example and secure your job.

1. Do to others …

Every religion states in some way the Golden Rule, which says, “Do to others as you wish.” The simplicity of this rule is the contradiction, the co-operation and co-operation that does not exist in our society today. The business is considered to be competitive and sustainable in the most valuable environment. There is some truth in this, and there is tremendous power when business, government and society come together.

2. Be Curious …

Learning is inherent in every human being on this planet. We are hard to learn. Learning is basically about survival. We learn for two reasons: 1) not to repeat past failures and 2) to improve our present situation (read: Wear the brightest, gotta in the world!). Both of these factors apply to your personal and professional development. Learning is never a “one-on-one” activity, it should never be; Being a human being, it can never be. The last time you learn is as good as the interaction. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Never stop being curious.

3. Take control …

Often our instincts are to fall prey to what is happening around us. Blaming is usually our first reaction. Successful people have the condition to regain control. Sometimes when they fail or are adversely affected, they find the opportunity rather than talk about what was lost. In a work environment, success comes to those who follow internal entrepreneurship. Before you say, “My boss will never let that happen”, of course, they want it and expect it in context. By doing so, they ease the performance pressure they have to answer for. Take control and start new ideas, maybe apologizing is better than permission.

4. Dare to change …

As mentioned earlier, the plague gave us the opportunity to change, to be more intelligent, to be better, to be more relevant, and to innovate. Today’s times demand innovation and a different way of thinking and solving. This is your time to express your uniqueness and share the most creative and courageous ideas I suggest. The world has changed and it now expects ideas and approaches that have been ridiculed, discounted or discarded. Again, you can say, “This is not going to fly with my boss”; I mean, they’re desperate for new approaches but don’t know how to ask. So, share.

A new day, a new path

In fact, it must be acknowledged that there is great economic instability during this particular period of unpredictable identity in which we now live. This is the most reason to see this moment as an opportunity to control your destiny and explore opportunities to share your innate value. You show value to your employer and control your value again. You will be an essential asset in more volatile environments. If not for your current employer, it will be for someone else.

Share your thoughts and feedback with us. We look forward to hearing from you. Who knows, that might be the title of our next e-learning industry article. Follow me on Twitter for more valuable development resources. My handle BizLearningDude. Please register with us LinkedIn Learning Pvt To learn more about developing your business credibility for your learning endeavors. Please share your thoughts and remember #alwaysbelearning!

Please stay safe, please stay healthy.


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