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Tactical shojo RPG, Illusion Connect, launches globally on iOS and Android

illusion connection release


Superprise Games celebrates the global launch of its strategic Shojo RPG, Illusion Connect. With over 600,000 users registered before playing Illusion Connect, it is an impressive win for any mobile game. During its launch period you can expect your sign-ups to receive a number of free claim prizes, including skins, resources and even characters.

In a battle to save humanity, you must join Zaya to fight against the mysterious enemies who have invaded the space between the real world and the dream world. These enemies, also known as Nightmares, are incredibly powerful and you will want to strengthen your pool. Fortunately, there are plenty of lenses to team up with to make fighting easier.

In order to uncover the hidden conspiracy, you will need to defeat all the nightmares that stand up for you. Thanks to the team system your path should be different than most players, giving each team their own unique goals and beliefs. Illusion Connect is not just about fighting, however, you can learn all about your partners with the social elements built into the sport.

Here is a list of everything you can get in the Illusion Connect launch window:

  • Sign up for eight days to get Giant Diamonds, Nina’s Co ‘Redhead’ and SSR Partner Miyuki
  • Anna’s Gift: Clear Opportunities to Gain Massive Resources including Diamonds, Coins, Partner XP and SSR Gear
  • Seed Recruitment: Add a specific number of SR and SSR partners to get call ticket x30 and bikini skin for the call.
  • Dreamweaver (third day of character creation): Add stage stars to get giant diamonds
  • Newby Bonus Gacha: ‘Calling x10’ guarantees SSR partner (Frantiva, Hotaru or Nicola)
  • Growth Journey: Complete all the seven day goals to upgrade from Zaya R to SSR and get Zaya’s skin ‘Nightingale’.

You can download Illusion Connect App Store and Google Play just now. Do you like other gacha sports like this? Check out the list of the best gacha games on mobile devices.


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