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T-Mobile vs Verizon: Which carrier is better for you?

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T-Mobile vs. Verizon

T-Mobile has been the third largest airline in the United States for many years, but now brings it to Sprint. Has the carrier been given a vehicle in addition to the number of subscribers enhanced by the merger? Its goal is to become America’s leading carrier. We are here to see if it can be done. We dig into Verizon vs T-Mobile and see which carrier is ready for your business.

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At first glance, Verizon and T-Mobile seem to be the opposite. We go by category and see how each carrier charges for price, coverage, phone choices and much more. Ready to pick your next carrier? Use this guide as your starting point.

T-Mobile vs. Verizon – Pricing

T-Mobile vs. VerizonT-Mobile vs. Verizon

The first difference between T-Mobile and Verizon is the pricing. Verizon is one of the most expensive carriers and you can get T-Mobile nationwide access for less than ever. See the table below for quick pricing:

T-Mobile costsVerizon costs
Unlimited plan at entry levelEssential
$ 60 per line
$ 45 for two rows
$ 30 per row for three rows
$ 26 per line for four lines
Start unlimited
$ 70 per line
$ 60 for two rows
$ 45 for three rows
$ 35 per line for four rows
Medium level unlimited planMagenta
$ 70 per line
$ 60 for two rows
$ 40 per row for three rows
$ 35 per line for four rows
Play / play more indefinitely
$ 80 per line
$ 70 per row for two rows
$ 55 per row for three rows
$ 45 per row for four rows
High level unlimited planMagenta Moore
$ 85 per line
$ 70 per row for two rows
$ 47 for three rows
$ 43 per four rows
Be more unlimited
$ 90 per line
$ 80 per row for two rows
$ 65 per row for three rows
$ 55 per line for four rows

Whatever design you choose, T-Mobile is the most affordable option. The more rows you add, the more you can save – up to $ 10 per row when you have four rows. T-Mobile’s entry-level Essential plan offers several streaming privileges, but you can’t beat $ 26 per line for unlimited talk, text and data with 5G access.

With the addition of Netflix or QB stream to the mix by T-Mobile, the price gap widens in mid-range designs. However, compared to Verizon’s 15GB, you will not get as much as 3GB of 4G LTE hotspot access. Essentially, if you want the best privileges, go to Verizon. If you want to save a little bit of green, stay tuned with T-Mobile.

Once you get to the most expensive plans – get more unlimited and Magenta Plus – even more important in terms of T-Mobile features. It offers 20GB of 4G LTE hotspot access and stays at an affordable price of $ 8 per line.

If you have decided that both Verizon and T-Mobile are a bit expensive, you may want to consider an MVNO on one network. Take a look at these buyer guides while you are here:

T-Mobile vs. Verizon – Cover

5g Map T Mobile5g Map T Mobile

When you have an attractive cover map, it makes sense to show it. At the very least, this is the situation on the T-Mobile map as shown above. Although T-Mobile requested 62% 4G LTE coverage nationwide before merging with Sprint, the map is impressive. Verizon boasted of covering 71% nationwide. While it may not seem like a big change, it can have a real impact in a rural setting.

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True 4G LTE coverage may be lagging behind Un-carrier Verizon, but it is leading the charge with the 5G rollout. Thanks to a low band setting, T-Mobile is able to expand its high speed network over a wide range. Verizon, on the other hand, relies on the short-range mmWave setting, which is limited to select cities across the country. It does not offer a nationwide map, but you can check out local coverage options in here. In the BigRet network you often get 4G LTE and 5G speeds. However, you will not see local 5G access for years.

T-Mobile vs. Verizon – Privileges and Promotions

QB streaming app in Photo 2 of Android smartphone stockQB streaming app in Photo 2 of Android smartphone stock

While network coverage should be your primary focus, privilege is important for the best experience. Verizon is your best bet if you want streaming options. All of its unlimited plans include Apple Music and Disney Plus for at least six months. T-Mobile is no ambiguity – you can choose Netflix or QB for its Magenta and Magenta Plus designs. See the table below for more flow specifications:

PlanVideo PrivilegesMusic Privileges
T-Mobile EssentialsNothingNothing
T-Mobile Magenta1 screen in Netflix Basic or QBNothing
T-Mobile Magenta Plus2 screens in Netflix Standard or QBNothing
Verizon Start UnlimitedDisney Plus is 6 months old6 months of Apple Music
Verizon Play is more unlimitedDisney Plus, Hulu and ESPN Plus included6 months of Apple Music
Do Verizon more indefinitelyDisney Plus is 6 months old6 months of Apple Music
Verizon is another unlimitedDisney Plus, Hulu and ESPN Plus includedApple Music included

As you can see, every design on Verizon promises access to Disney Plus, adding Hulu and ESPN Plus to the top with Play More and Get More options. Outside of the video streaming field, you can get six months of Apple Music startups, with more playing and more plans, and the Get More plan includes Apple Music on a permanent basis.

On the T-Mobile side, you will want to skip the Essential plan if you want to get privileges. You will have to decide whether you want Netflix or QB on Magenta and Magenta Plus, so choose wisely. The Magenta plan includes only one screen and doubles the Magenta Plus screen. T-Mobile may be lagging behind in terms of streaming privileges, but its T-Mobile Tuesday program is a nice plus. The service offers free, discounts and more as long as you have the app.

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Both T-Mobile and Verizon favor good promotions, but if you want the full savings menu you have to get a new device. If you switch carriers, it’s as easy as trading on your device. You can get a free phone with the transaction! Available via T-Mobile iPhone 11 Or 11 Pro for free and up to $ 1,000 from the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Other options include halving LG Velvet or a iPhone SE.

At Verizon, many deals depend on the purchase, get one model – which means you will need to switch your whole family to maximum savings. You can save $ 1,000 Galaxy Note 20 Or grab one when you buy one iPhone 11 Free when you buy another one on a new route. Be sure to check the terms of each transaction carefully, but both carriers seem to offer great value if you are in the market for a new device.

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T-Mobile vs. Verizon – Phone Choices

Google Pixel 4 vs. iPhone 11 CameraGoogle Pixel 4 vs. iPhone 11 Camera

When it comes to new devices, both carriers offer attractive choices as two of the largest suppliers in the United States. Although CDMA and GSM partitions offer several unique choices, the majority of each list is the same. Verizon still relies on the CDMA setup and T-Mobile has switched to the latest GSM framework. This means that you can move a large number of phones, especially from OnePlus, to Un-carrier.

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While Verizon does not have a single OnePlus connection, it does have a strong bond with Motorola. If you’re looking to grab any of the latest moto phones like the Motorola Edge Plus, the only way to go is BigRead. For devices like the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G, you also have to look at Verizon.

You can technically get Motorola devices from T-Mobile, but they have been renamed the U-carrier’s own Revvl line. One of the few changes outside the Revvl line is that Verizon is offering the latest Google Pixel 4a for $ 10 a month.

Which carrier is right for you?

We will have to wait a while to feel the full effect of the Sprint and T-Mobile combination, but before that you will need to select your carrier. There are no cuts and no dry answers to the Verizon debate against T-Mobile as there are a number of differences to consider. T-Mobile is an easily more affordable option that gives you the largest 5G network you can find right now. Verizon, on the other hand, covers more 4G LTE territory – which is probably where you spend most of your time. You may want to consider splitting CDMA and GSM when making your choice.

The network that suits us may not suit you and maybe both of these options are not a perfect fit. If so, here are some other carriers you need to think about:


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