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Svalt Launches New D1 Pro II and D2 Pro II Cooling Docks



Apple’s Apple Max, famous for building a range of cooling pools Launched today Two new dock options, the D1 Pro II and D2 Pro II, are aimed at professionals working on their Mac in clamshell mode.

Swalt’s cooling pools are meant to recapture performance potential from thermally confined closed-screen laptop workshops, with both new options providing active cooling and universal support for all of Apple’s notebooks, including the 16-inch model.

Both D2 Pro II and D1 Pro II use active and passive cooling. It has a 1.8-pound aluminum heat sink to absorb heat and pushes cool air to the laptop where the processor is located and to the sides of the box.

The pool is powered by a 12-volt fan, and the D2 provides programmable speed control that can change the fan speed from 0 to 4200RPM during working hours. There are also three automatic modes to work with, including a turbo mode for instant cooling. The D1 delivers a single-speed fan at approximately 1700RPM.

With the D2 Pro II, Swalt claims that its low-performance test with the 16-inch MacBook Pro reduced the GPU processor’s temperature by 67 percent to reduce laptop fan usage and keep the system stable. Swalt claims that the D2Pro II increased the power of the CPU processor by 59 percent by reducing the thermal thrust by testing the workload.

By design, the aluminum D2 Pro II and D1 Pro II are integrated with a sticky construction that supports a wide range of laptop sizes. There is also a wireless cradle for the laptop, and optional laptop hold pads to lock it in place.

D1 Pro II and D2 Pro II Purchased from Swolt website As of today. The D1 Pro II costs $ 219 and the D2 Pro II costs $ 279.


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