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Survey says: You want a US OnePlus Nord phone

OnePlus Nord rear shot hero off angle


OnePlus Nord rear shot hero off angle

When OnePlus announced that it would re-root and offer the OnePlus Nord, a high-powered mid-range phone, fans were excited. However, US fans were disappointed when the company confirmed that it did not have a US OnePlus Nord.

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Clearly, the company has confirmed that other phones it brings to the U.S. are in the Nord range. OnePlus has not yet officially announced such a phone.

It made us think: Are you excited about the capabilities of the US OnePlus Nord? What about the one that competes directly with Google Pixel 4A and iPhone SE? We conducted our usual online survey to find out how our readers feel about this and the results are below.

U.S. OnePlus Nord Budget Phone Survey Results

There are four answers to a simple question: Are you buying a $ 400 sub OnePlus node? Possible answers were:

  • Yes, immediately
  • Yes, if the specifications are good
  • No, I will not buy the first general model
  • No, I’m not interested

You can see the results in the pie charts above. Interestingly, there are significant differences between the polls we held here Android Authority The same poll On Twitter. Many more Twitter users seem to be less interested in the US OnePlus Nord, at least compared to our foot readers here.

However, it is clear from the two votes that the majority are at least interested in the OnePlus Nord, waiting to buy it immediately or look at the specification sheet. On the other hand, at least some people in the US do not buy a Nord because it is a first generation device. Apparently, that is not a decisive factor for many of you.

Some of your ideas

As usual, pre-poll results tell only part of the story. Below are some of the comments you made about US OnePlus Nord that we thought should be highlighted.

Continue with the OnePlus 7 Pro for the One 399 instead. Why can’t everyone get this brilliant idea?

@ dparag14
They make a random restart (find it). I’m glad I didn’t buy one.

Yes, if it has good specifications, I can go back to OnePlus.

@ im_karma95
It has better specifications, and I don’t know if I can connect with Samsung.

Andrew Soo
Only if they add a headphone jack.


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