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Spigen’s been working on a full-coverage foldable case for the Galaxy Z Fold2 (Sponsored)

Spigen’s been working on a full-coverage foldable case for the Galaxy Z Fold2 (Sponsored)


Flexible phones do not just push the boundaries of smartphone technology; Their flexible designs have introduced unique challenges for event makers to overcome. Companies like Spiegel are working hard to bridge the gap between flexibility, full body coverage and protective protection in one package. After months of extensive testing, they believe they have mastered the flexible phone case formula with new ones. Thin Armor Pro for Galaxy Z Fold2.

Since its launch in early Galaxy Fold 2019, SpyGen has been working on flexible lawsuits. Although they were able to solve the design challenges posed by Samsung’s first flexibility, Spygen knew that it could push the limits of flexibility lawsuits further. It takes months of research, testing, and repetition to prepare the first full-body case for Z-Fold 2. The Slim Armor Pro promises to provide full coverage of the device via a unibody design, and there is also an innovative hint that Speizen has specifically designed for the Z Fold 2.

Get exclusive information about Spigen Slim Armor Pro

The Slim Armor Pro for Galaxy Z Fold2 is not yet available for purchase, but it will be ready soon. If you would like to know more about this new case, Spiegen will give anyone early access information Sign up for their newsletter via the official Thin Armor Pro page. As a launch date, the slim Armor Pro for the Galaxy Z Fold2 is expected to be available later this month.

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