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Spending reaches $384 million in post-apocalyptic games this year

Spending reaches 4 million in post-apocalyptic games this year


Latest Sensor tower report It has been revealed that the post-revelation mobile games have been exceptionally active this year. Despite the global epidemic currently spreading around the world, sports with a post-exposure background show the fastest growth in the US from Q1 to Q3.

Athlete spending on these games increased by 106% to approximately $ 384 million. One of the most notable post-game sports that has shown the fastest growth across all game settings is Survival from FunPlus and Last Home: Survival from Long Tech. If people play these games because of our current global climate, there is no doubt that this trend will continue until next year.

As news of the spread of the coronavirus began to spread, Plague Inc. became one of the best-selling iOS games in January. Sales of the game prompted Endamic Creations, the developers behind Plague Inc. Issue a statement: “We created the game to be realistic and informative and not sensitive to serious real world issues. However, please keep in mind that Plague Inc. is a non-scientific sport, and that the current coronary virus outbreak is a reality that affects a very large number of people. ”

Surprisingly, the fastest growing art form in the same Q1 to Q3 period is to account for games like Retro – Low Poly, Minecraft and Roblox. As two of the largest sports in the world, we are not surprised that this category is getting huge benefits as these games continue to grow.

If you want to improve your Plague Inc. skills, be sure to check out our Plague Inc. tips that highlight everything you need to explore your virus spread. Looking for something a little more strategic? Go to our list of the best mobile strategy games for all the strategic challenges you can ask for.


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