Sony has begun shipping PlayStation 5 consoles (and controllers with it) to reviewers and influencers, including tech-savvy Austin Evans. Evans released a preliminary video on the console ‘DualSense’ controller yesterday, revealing an interesting detail for smartphone players – the PS5 controller seems to work with Android.

Third-party controller support has historically been complicated for Android, at least in terms of gamepads that are not intended for mobile use. The Xbox 360 controller works fine as long as Android exists, but the PS3 gamepad A third party application is always required. When the eighth generation consoles were rolled out, Bluetooth-based Xbox One game pads had no problem connecting to Android (although button mapping was not perfect until Android 9p), and the PlayStation 4 controller usually uses Bluetooth or Bluetooth.

Austin Evans tried to connect Sony’s new dualSense controller with his 5 pixel, and the process went smoothly. He then played a game through the Xbox game stream at 5 pixels, but the shock was not active (they There may be a problem with the Xbox game stream). It is not clear whether the touchscreen will work on Android, but the pads on the DualShock 4 will work on most Android devices.

Owners of the PlayStation 5 are happy to know that they can use the controller with other platforms, but DualSense may be Not the best game pad to buy completely for an Android device. Not only to incur a large expense $ 70, But other options like 8BitDo SN30 Pro or a SteelSeries Stratus Duo Will provide better consistency.