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Sony PlayStation 5 storage: Launch support explained

Sony PlayStation 5 storage: Launch support explained


Sony PlayStation 5 PS5 Tears

  • Sony has confirmed a few details about the PlayStation 5 storage options.
  • Upon launch, the PS5 does not support expanding or replacing internal storage.
  • However, on the day of its launch, USB-C will support external storage drives and will eventually support expandable internal storage.

With just a week to go before the launch of the PlayStation 5, buyers are beginning to gain clarity on a number of unanswered questions. Today, Sony confirmed Here is the approximate moment of doing That there are some limitations regarding storage options for the PS5.

Unfortunately, the internal PlayStation 5 warehouse will not be able to be replaced or expanded on launch date. However, in the future this will be a changing software update. But for now, you should avoid buying storage options until you read the information below.

Sony PlayStation 5 storage options explained

There are two types of PlayStation 5 supported storage: internal storage and external storage. Sony’s internal storage system is incredibly fast, so there are no load times. Due to this high speed, only Sony’s official M.2 SSD sticks will definitely work. Because of this limitation, Sony uses software to unlock any internal storage enhancements first. Eventually, Sony will lift the ban when it is able to provide specific information for OEM third-party hardware compatible with M2 sticks.

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That said, the PlayStation 5 Store can be expanded via USB-connected external drives on launch. This allows you to connect multiple USB drives to the console and get additional storage for games. However, This only works for previous generation games, I.e. PS5 is not a game. For example, a supported PS4 game can be played from an external drive, but not the next general title.

In other words, your PS5 game Definitely Live in internal storage. With 667 gigabytes of space available, you need to be economical with the number of games you get on launch day.

What about the disk drive console?

PlayStation 5 hardware

Naturally, you would think that the PS5 variant with a disk drive would bypass this internal storage limit. However, it is not so. Although the game lives on a Blu-ray Disc, the data on that disk moves to the internal storage on the console. In a way, the disc is a way to download the game without using the Internet (and act as a license key for the title).

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This means that even if you have a physical copy of the game, you still need to put it on the M.2 driver in the PlayStation. Keep in mind that PS5 games will be a bit larger depending on the amount of data. If you purchase Demon Souls and Call of Duty: Black Ops on launch day, they collectively take up about 200 gigabytes of space on your drive. It is a little less than a third of the existing internal storage capacity. Och.

Keep in mind that this limit will eventually disappear. In the future you can buy internal storage upgrades from Sony and third party manufacturers. Unfortunately, Sony is not openly talking about when it might happen. It will not be in November every time you have it, so you should wait before buying internal drivers.


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