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Sonos sues Google again for allegedly copying wireless audio tech

Sonos Move


Sonos movement

  • Sonos has filed another lawsuit against Google, alleging that it copied wireless audio technology.
  • Nest and Chromecast devices violate five wireless audio patents late.
  • That means he shows “the depth and breadth of Google copying.”

Sonos does not drop a single lawsuit against Google for allegedly copying speaker technology. Here is the approximate moment of doing Sonos is reportedly suing Google again, alleging that the Internet giant is infringing on five wireless audio patents.

The entire Nest and Chromecast lineup uses Sonos technology, which includes phone-based music control, speaker groups and automated EQ. According to Eddie Lazarus, Attorney General, Sonos felt it was necessary to re-file a lawsuit to emphasize “the depth and breadth of Google copying.”

Google spokesman Jose Castaneda has promised to fight the new lawsuit. He claimed that Google’s products were “independently created” and that his employer “strongly” denied the claims. Using a common strategy to force a quick end to a legal battle, Google dismissed Sonos in the first case in June.

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Sonos has often complained about the power of companies like Google and Amazon to wipe out technology and impose unforgivable conditions. It led them to accuse them of deliberately infringing on patents on the assumption that the cost of any legal dispute would be negligible compared to the profits from smart speakers.

The company believes that “many” in the wireless home audio space are infringing on Sonos patents that Lazarus said. Google’s litigation was a “final step” when negotiations failed.

This case does not mean that Sonos has abandoned the Google merger. Lazarus says it needs a “positive relationship” with Google. However, it still needs to pay Google – we do not expect the two to warm up to each other unless there is a solution without mutual agreement. Nest and Chromecast products are currently secure, but there is no guarantee that it will last.


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