Pixel phones combine solid specifications and clean software to get a really good, overall Google-Y experience – but they don’t come without reasonable issues. From camera issues with the Pixel 2 to the touchscreen bugs on the Pixel 4a, being in the first place for software updates can sometimes come at a price. Pixel 4 owners have been complaining about a weird battery bug for months now, and the latest Android 11 update seems to have fixed nothing – which only exacerbated the problem.

The problem can be manifested in a variety of battery related ways, but the most common is a situation where the battery charge indicator is stuck around 50%. Affected pixel 4/4 XL units can experience rapid resolution, causing sudden shutdowns. Sometimes the phone will show a question mark in the battery code instead of the current charge.

It’s difficult to identify such issues from a variety of online sources, but some people seem to put a lot of pressure on the right side of the Google G logo on the back with your thumb to temporarily alleviate the problem. This suggests that the lack of a loose battery cable or brackets may be causing strange problems for 4x pixel owners.

The origin of UBreakiFix confirms that these types of pixel 4 issues are not uncommon. If you go through something like this with your device and do not live near it uBreakiFix location, Requesting an RMA may be the simplest way to fix this problem permanently. We have been contacted by Google for more information and will update this article if anything new is discovered.

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