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Silent Hill joins Dead by Daylight Mobile

dead by daylight mobile silent hill


Dead by Daylight Mobile, which plays free of behavioral interaction, gets two silent Hile characters to perform on time for Halloween in an update next week. Dead by Daylight Mobile was launched earlier this year, and its older brother is slowly approaching the content of consoles and PCs.

Cheryl Mason of Silent Hill 3, formerly known as Heather, will enter the sport as a survivor. The new creator is none other than the Pyramid Head. The Pyramid Head is fitted with his Hulkin blade, which is named the Great Knife.

Alexandre Rogam, Product Manager, Behavior Interactive’s, said of the recent partnership with Konami: We are big fans of the electorate and knowing that mobile players can survive these unique characters is a big milestone for us and we are proud of that. ”

We reviewed Deadlight Mobile earlier this year and gave it eight out of ten. “Overall, Daylight Mobile is impressed with Dead,” Glenn said. With a few changes needed to adapt to the small screen, it perfectly achieves the goal of bringing the experience to the full range of mobile phones. You can find a list of all the characters in the game through our Dead by Daylight mobile fonts guide.

Silent Hill joins Daylight Mobile Dead on October 26th. You can download the game for free App Store and Google Play Warehouse. Want to see some more multiplayer games to get on the go? To get you started go to our list of the best mobile multiplayer games.


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