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Should you buy now or wait?

OnePlus Nord vs Pixel 4a Pixel in focus camera module against OnePlus Nord background


OnePlus Nord vs Pixel 4a Pixel Focus Camera Module Against OnePlus Nord Background

The wait is finally over. Google Pixel 5 is here! With more attractive prices than ever before, there’s a lot to like about Google’s latest flagship. However, the Pixel 5 is not without competition. The new price makes it always stand up against more affordable brands, including the popular OnePlus.

Value for money has been a cornerstone of the OnePlus ethics for many years and is relatively new to the Google Super Mid-level game. But Mountain View is a quick study and builds the success of the affordable Pixel 3a with its new alignment. So, is it worth waiting a few more weeks to see what the Shenzhen brand has in store with the eagerly awaited OnePlus 8T, or is Google a secure purchase today? Let’s take a look at the OnePlus 8T vs Google Pixel 5.

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Google Pixel 5: Buy Now?

Google presents its first 5G ready-made Flashship smartphone with a Pixel 5, but unlike the more expensive flags, it uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G SoC to power the phone – the only one on OnePlus’s budget phone, the OnePlus Node. An integrated modem and a lower performance point are a blessing in disguise for battery life and price, but it comes at a maximum operating cost compared to similarly priced devices. This does not mean that Google’s priority is slow; It has 8GB of RAM for smooth multitasking. The phone meets your daily needs and even works well in most games.

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What the beast power of the 5 pixels is not, it consists of features. Google includes wireless charging, IP68 rating and an excellent 90Hz display. Let’s not forget the three year Android updates. It’s everything you need in a flagship handset. Many brands charge more for these features. Google has struck a good balance between performance, features and price.

The US Pixel 5 model also supports mmWave. This speeds up 5G data speeds on compatible networks more than sub-6GHz 5G. Although this raises the price to $ 699, it is slightly higher than the non-US mobile phone versions. Still, it’s very cheap for a mmWave phone.

Google offers the best of class phone cameras at the most affordable prices ever available.

Of course, you also get the best smartphone camera in the industry. The formula feels very familiar with the 12MP main sensor, 8MP selfie camera and Google’s software Smart. The Pixel 5 offers a bit more shooting flexibility into the new 16MP wide-angle sensor, but it’s significantly more re-trained than the quad-camera settings that are prevalent in the market. Still, the quality is better than the size, and the Pixel 5 certainly won’t disappoint here.

There are also software to consider. Fans of “stock” Android may want to get 5 pixels today. After all, you get out of the latest Android 11 box and get three years of updates. Android 11 includes new dialog notification, notification history, chat bubbles, screen recorder and media control features. The Google operating system is richer than any other feature these days.

OnePlus 8T: Should You Wait?

OnePlus logo1OnePlus logo1

We look forward to the finer details of the OnePlus 8T’s features, but we can say for sure that if the leaked specification is correct it will be a preferred choice for performance enthusiasts. Premium Layers Snapdragon 865 pixel 5 Snapdragon 765G bothers gaming, weight lifting and AI scenes. Everyday, there can be no significant difference between phones. But there is no doubt that the OnePlus 8T will win where the extra functionality is concerned.

8T changes the existing OnePlus 8 formula.

Rumor has it that the Overkill 12GB RAM model will be available, with OnePlus set to offer media lovers a 256GB storage option, while Google doubles the 128GB maximum storage option. The OnePlus 8T look is set to win here. The phone is 5G ready, but most have sub-6GHz support if you are on a compatible network.

The OnePlus 8T 65W has been confirmed to support wired charging and is rumored to have a larger 4,500mAh battery. It is twice as fast as previous 30W Warp Charge activations. The phone should have its own FHD + 120Hz display, but the OnePlus 8 Pro and Pixel 5 reportedly do not have wireless charging and IP ratings. The 48MP main sensor has a quad-camera configuration with a 16MP wide angle. , 5MP macro and 2MP monochrome lens. This is a very flexible package that offers more options than Google. However, in the past we have had some reservations about the overall quality of OnePlus’ camera settings, especially when it comes to lower resolution cameras.

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When it comes to software, OnePlus’s highly acclaimed Oxygen operating system has recently taken a controversial turn. OnePlus’s Oxygen OS 11 software is slightly heavier on UI tweaks than previous generations. The operating system offers several new features. They always include a new look, changes to the Zen module, and dark mode schedules. Getting Android by Google is a lot different than skulls, but those interested in Android may be inclined to activate Google.

OnePlus 8T vs Google Pixel 5: Should You Wait?

Google Assistant Hold me 5 pixelsGoogle Assistant Hold me 5 pixels

We still don’t know exactly how much it will cost for the OnePlus 8T, but the rumors point to a competitive price. Looks like Google is going to look at the phone with the Pixel 5.

Rumor has it that the $ 599 ($ ​​695) entry point for the OnePlus 8T. It’s cheaper than the $ 629 launch price for Google’s Pixel 5, but equals $ 699 for the Pixel 5. The Amazon German listing (now down) is priced at $ 693.18 ($ 15,815) for the BB 12GB RAM, 256GB variant, which is a bit more expensive than the 8T. Final and regional prices may vary slightly, but these two phones inevitably belong to the same affordable 5G category.

Select pixels for OnePlus, refined software for raw functionality

On paper, the OnePlus 8T should be in the best position to meet the needs of performance enthusiasts and also has a fast 120Hz display. It aims to offer a more flexible camera setup, more internal storage and costs a few dollars to shave off. However, it is the 5Pixel that offers a fairly wide range of features, including wireless charging, 5G mmWave in the US, a more refined analog experience and perhaps a better software experience. It was a very close call between the two as expected.

The look of the OnePlus 8T is set to be another smart phone from OnePlus, but the formula feels very familiar to the OnePlus 8. If you haven’t already thought about a OnePlus mobile phone, there is no main reason for fans of the Google ecosystem to be further delayed. Especially after such a long wait for Google Pixel 5!

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