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Samsung is treating Galaxy S9 and S9+ users to their last big software update

Samsung is treating Galaxy S9 and S9 users to their last big software update


It was released commercially two and a half years ago Galaxy S9 and Samsung’s flagship S9 + was the last S-Series to feature a more advanced aperture punch display, including an “invisible” biometric detection system, with “traditional” screen bells and a fingerprint scanner mounted on the back.

with a Galaxy Note 9, you could say these bad boys marked the end of an era of the world’s number one smartphone vendor, and alas, the Korean-based tech giant has now officially discontinued the (major) software support for the three Androides released in 2018. mobile phones.
While the S9, S9 + and Note 9 are clearly set to get a few more security patches in the future, one UI 2.5 goodies, add-ons, and performance enhancements as we speak are all over the air. Final feature update.
Naturally, this is not as dramatic as the Android 9 and 10 updates Samsung took care Back in December 2018 and We do not expect Android 11 to reach the Galaxy S9, S9 + and Note 9 in January 2020, respectively, but unfortunately, so you will have to make the most of your latest (and final) UI promotion.

If you are wondering, no, we do not know exactly when this update will be extended to other European countries and the United States, but it certainly should not be too long now.


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