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Samsung Galaxy S30 series: What we know (Sept. 26)

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Updated, 16 October 2020 (04:00 pm): Today we have updated the Rumor Center of the Samsung Galaxy S30 Series with some new information. The new smartphone family has the potential to be seen much earlier than we expected. We also have rumors about cameras and power chargers. Read on for all the latest stuff!

Believe it or not, we are in the last quarter of 2020. This means that we are only a few months away from launching the next entry in the Samsung flagship smartphone line, tentatively known as the Samsung Galaxy S30 Series.

As it turns out, you won’t find too many rumors about accessories. However, that means we don’t have at least a few credible rumors. Based on the history of the line we can make reliable assumptions about certain aspects. What we know so far is outlined below.

As usual, be sure to bookmark this page so you have the latest information around the Samsung Galaxy S30!

Samsung Galaxy S30 Series: Name and Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S20 Family ProfileSamsung Galaxy S20 Family Profile

In 2020, Samsung improved the naming scheme for the Galaxy S series in a variety of ways. It went from 10 to 20 for numbering and also introduced the Ultra Monitor. Because of these big changes, it is strategic for the company to reduce what could be called the next activity in the series.

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Our money will be on the company that uses the Samsung Galaxy S30 as a brand in 2021. Some argue that Samsung could use the Galaxy S21 instead, but we are skeptical. Our four biggest reasons to think so are:

  • Samsung has already moved up from S10 to S20. For this release it will not return to single point launches.
  • The S30 is a much more marketable name than the S21.
  • The S21 brand uses the “XX1” numbers (A01, A51, F41, etc.) to confuse the Galaxy A and Galaxy F series.
  • Huawei sets the precedent when it jumps from P10 to P20 and then to P30 and P40.

At the moment, there is no definite information confirming that it will be one name or another.

Until a release date, we naturally assumed that Samsung would release the Galaxy S30 series in mid-February 2021. This is the time frame that the company has launched for every process in the Galaxy S9 to Galaxy S series. However, rumors are circulating that Samsung could take the day a significant step further. According to one source, the phones could be launched in early January. Stay tuned as we have a better idea of ​​launch dates in the coming weeks.

Models and designs

samsung galaxy s20 ultra camera 100x zoom 2samsung galaxy s20 ultra camera 100x zoom 2

As mentioned, this year Samsung introduced the Ultra Monitor with the Galaxy S20 Ultra. With the continued launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, we are assuming that we intend to launch a Samsung Galaxy S30 Ultra.

Vanilla is also available on the Samsung Galaxy S30. So the question remains whether the Galaxy S30 Plus exists or not. As Samsung has not released a Plus model in the Note 20 line, the company is likely to have it sunset in 2021. However, there are rumors that the Samsung 2021 Galaxy S will stay with three variants (see the next section for more details).

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If we assume that there are three models in the Galaxy S30 series, we can assume that they are all very similar to each other. However, we expect Samsung to spend more time designing phones than the 2020 models. Their design was, in a word, boring. Thankfully, the Galaxy Note 20 designs are better, so the Galaxy S30 will be slightly different from the Galaxy S20 formula.

Typically, verified designs for the latest Galaxy S phones are leaked in December or January (this could happen earlier this year if the release date actually goes up). So, you have to wait a bit before we get a good idea of ​​what phones look like.

Samsung Galaxy S30 Series: Specifications and Features

Front of Samsung Galaxy S20 PlusFront of Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

Since we are still in the early stages of the release cycle, many of the rumors we have discovered seem to be far-fetched or contradictory rumors. Keep that in mind when you search the internet for news on the Samsung Galaxy S30 Series.

Some specifications We do not need rumors. We can relatively guarantee that the Galaxy S30 series will be packaged with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 chipset. Samsung has a long history of launching the latest Qualcomm Flashship silicon in the Galaxy S series, and there are no credible rumors to suggest that it will not happen again in 2021. Unfortunately, the company will still use its own Exynos processors for models launched outside of North America.

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We can go ahead and assume that no specification of the Galaxy S20 series will be downgraded. That means no phone should have less than 12GB of RAM, less than 128GB of internal storage or a resolution of 1440p and a fresh rate of 120Hz.

Battery and power

We have rumors for a handful of reliable looking batteries and power specifications. The biggest leaks we have ever believed are related to the battery capacity of the three hypothetical models in the Galaxy S30 line. Rumor has it that Samsung may skip updating the battery capacity advertised for the Galaxy S30 and Galaxy S30 Ultra, with the previous ones being 4,000mAh and the latter 5,000mAh. From the 4,500mAh capacity advertised on the Galaxy S30 Plus, the Galaxy S30 Plus can see a slight speed up to 4,800mAh.

You will see the Galaxy S30 and Galaxy S30 Ultra Battery Generations. Galaxy S30 Plus, maybe.

Slightly connected to the battery, there are also rumors that we could join hands for the fast wire charging series. Samsung may introduce 65W charging speed for the Galaxy S line. This makes sense since OnePlus has now launched the OnePlus 8T with this feature. However, there is evidence to suggest that it does not exist in all variants of the line. If that’s true, the Galaxy S30 Ultra gets it all on its own. Every phone can have an option, but only the Ultra has a built-in charger that can provide that speed.

Samsung Galaxy S30 camera systems

We also have rumors about the camera system of the Galaxy S30 Ultra. According to one rumor, it will get a 64MP telephoto shooter with a 150MP primary sensor, a 16MP ultra-wide camera, a 12MP macro sensor and a 3D top camera. However, we do not think this is true. Rumor has it that the S30 Ultra S20 / Note 20 Ultra will stay with the 108MP sensor and will instead offer two telephoto lenses, one of which may be part of a periscope zoom setting. It makes more sense to us, apparently moving away from industry-leading TOF sensors.

Finally, we have a rumor about a possible feature No Stay in the Galaxy S30 series: selfie cameras on display. Samsung has been accused of failing to meet the product requirements required to incorporate this new technology into the Galaxy S phones. Instead, there are rumors that Samsung may push the feature to the third-generation Galaxy Z-fold, often referred to as the Samsung Galaxy Z-Fold 3.

Pricing and availability

samsung galaxy s20 plus 1 Black Book Reviewsamsung galaxy s20 plus 1 Black Book Review

The company has been raising the introductory price of its phones every year since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9. One expects that trend to continue in 2021 with the Samsung Galaxy S30 series.

However, we are not sure if that will be the case. There are three main reasons why we think so:

  • According to rumored sales figures for the Galaxy S20 series, Samsung was deeply unhappy with the numbers.
  • Samsung has had more global success with its mid-range Galaxy A devices and has priced them to move. The Galaxy S20 has proven to be incredibly popular among FE fans, suggesting that a cheaper phone would be a better choice.
  • According to all reliable scientific data, the COVID-19 epidemic will continue until 2021.

When you combine these three bits of information, they strongly suggest that you do not want to upgrade the Samsung Galaxy S30 series except to keep the price down or keep the same price.

One way to do this is for Samsung to make the Vanilla Galaxy S30 affordable or affordable. $ 999 Price tag of Galaxy S20. This will give you more access to the Galaxy S30 series. Meanwhile, those who can get the best specifications and features for the Galaxy S30 Plus and Galaxy S30 Ultra can get a higher price. An approach similar to what Samsung did with the Galaxy Note 20 phones.

However, the Samsung Galaxy S30 series will be available for purchase worldwide in March 2021.

That’s all we knew about the Samsung Galaxy S30 series so far. Be sure to bookmark this page as you are always up to date on the latest rumors!


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