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Porsche 911 Turbo S to Match Your Private Jet? Finally Available

Porsche 911 Turbo S to Match Your Private Jet? Finally Available


Humanity is currently facing many problems. There are global epidemics, political conflicts, unemployment, famine, environmental catastrophe, war, extinction, uncontrollable wildfires and private jets incompatible with Porsche. Maybe it all seems a bit overwhelming, but two companies decided to pool their resources and solve one of those problems. That’s right: Embraer and Porsche are collaborating to build 10 Phenom 300E jets compatible with the 911 Turbo S. Be the change you want to see in the world.

One of these vessels at a speed of 534 mph.Cars and drivers

Furthermore, Embraer clients (which is what you call customers when you have enough customers) will be forced to go to Tomak and random Porsche, which is a different color than their jet. Named the Duet, the project fits the 911 aircraft, the aircraft car, and the Porsche design watch and custom luggage that they both include. Even the pilot’s bag is coordinated, and if you ‘ve seen a hat box called the Yoke Jockeys Luggage, you know it’s very important.

The upper part of the car is painted platinum silver metallic and the lower part is jet gray metallic. A car like the Embraer is hand-painted, which is not usually the case with the 911s. Doors read “No Steps” like a warning sign on an airplane’s wings. The 911 has a seat logo embossed on the seats of the aircraft, which represents two wings. One represents the elevator and the other for the low power. There are many other things that fit. You can get an idea by looking at the photos. You can often choose other colors because you are rich and they will not say no if you want the title to match the dimension of your pet ligature. We think the duvet buying process involves drinking espresso in a tight showroom and Alicantara’s preference switches, and a losing seller uses words like “color paths”.

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Spirit is not air.Cars and drivers

It definitely includes choosing your favorite number between one and 10. This is because the aircraft and the car have a logo with 10 parallel motions, five on each side of the wing logo. One of those spots is blue, which you might think represents the build number of the series. But no – it should be anywhere you want it according to your favorite number. If you do not have a favorite number between one and 10 because you are not five years old, you should tell them to color all the places to see if you can tell them (they are no better).

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What if you are a pie master and your favorite number is pie? Third place on the badge round? Many important questions about this project.Cars and drivers

The price for all these atmospheric finishes is $ 10.9 million. We don’t know if it’s a lot, or what, because we fly the frontier with balloon sandwiches in our pockets. Apparently they give you stoop waffles from your own jet? We do not know. We know that the 911 Turbo S is a dog super car that will pull your skull to the headrest every time you bend your right foot, but it does so regardless of whether or not the tail number of your aircraft is painted on the underside of the rear spoiler. .

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