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Poll results: Most are using smarpthone photo editing

Pixel 4a vs iPhone SE vs OnePlus Nord cameras together angled


Pixel 4a vs iPhone SE vs OnePlus Nord Camera

Over the past five years or so, the photo and video capabilities of smartphones have been brought to the hub as the star feature of any new device. It’s very good for consumers as the cameras on phones are getting better and better. However, are they good enough that you don’t need to do any smartphone photo editing?

One of our most recent polls and that’s what we intended to find out here Twitter. The final results are below, but we & # 39; ll spoil it for you in advance: many of you do not share raw, unedited images.

Smartphone Photo Editing Poll .L

According to the two poll sets, less than 3/4 of our foot readers spend at least some time editing smartphone photos. Only 25.11% of foot readers avoid any contact.

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Interestingly, about 11.51% of our readers are considered to be over-editing their photos. Now, this is very subjective, so we would not be surprised if one person considers what he considers “heavy” to be “light”. However, more than 34% of our readers claim that they edit almost every photo they take, either excessively or lightly.

The largest portion of our image results are filled with mid-range users of smartphone photo editing timeframes. Honestly, we thought this section was going to be bigger, but hey, these polls are always full of surprises.

Some of your ideas

As usual, pre-poll results tell only part of the story. Below are some selected comments and tweets related to smartphone photo editing polls. At the very least, these should help explain how some respondents approach their pictures.

Richard Durishin
Yes. I shoot with LG in RAW and work to get the colors realistic instead of the automatic supersonic that most phone cameras provide. Thankfully, LG allows me to control the color balance and saturation of the screen so I can adjust it to a real world look.

For social media, I will try to edit if the phone is not made by Samsung. Because, even if you say that others are more real than life, among the millions of photos on social media, if your life is real to the touch and not sharp, your appearance will be darker compared to others. Look at the accounts of top photographers. None of those great photos are true to the colors of life.

Always. Since the automatic camera does not use that mode, I have no problem with how the pictures are taken. I shoot from the manual and do all the coloring and so on.

Part OnePlus 6 camera. Why edit when the stock photo is already good?

Flash 85484173
If you have a good camera you really don’t need it.

There you have it, some emotional statements from our MPs. If you seem to be doing photo editing on a smartphone, you may want to check out our environment on the best apps to do it for!


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