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Poll data: How readers feel about the Google Pixel 5

google pixel 5 sorta sage press image from youtube video


google pixel 5 rating from Aggis YouTube video

Earlier this week, Google finally removed Google Pixel 5, the latest flagship offer of Pixel 5. It also launched the soup-up version of Google Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 4a.

Android Authority Visitors love to read about pixel phones – but do they really like to buy them? That’s what we meant to find out with a couple of polls. They measured how excited we were about the pixel and whether you intended to buy one.

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Below you will find our results related to these polls. You will also find some ideas from our readers who need more insight into the topics.

A.A. Thoughts of foot readers about Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A5G

The first question we ask is as basic as it gets: is the 5 pixel hot or not? There is no middle ground here, so you should think the phone is boring or boring. Here are the results:

Clearly, the majority of our foot readers think that Google as a whole did a great deal of work with Google Pixel 5. In fact, nearly 36% of you think the phone is not that good, but apparently you are a minority.

Next, we held a little more subtle voting. Here we asked if you intend to buy Pixel 5 or Pixel 4A5G. There were five possible answers:

  • Yes, I buy 5 pixels.
  • Yes, I am buying Pixel 4a 5G.
  • Yes, I buy both.
  • No, I don’t buy either.
  • I have not decided yet.

Apparently, the vast majority of foot readers who responded to this poll planned to buy at least one device. See the results below.

If you combine the three “yes, I will buy” responses, you get about 55% of the respondents who intend to pay some money to Google for a phone. If you include nearly 15% of the pendants that have not yet been decided, it is close to 70% Android Authority Respondents who are thinking of buying at least one of these phones. That’s good news for Google!

In fact, there are still about 31% of respondents who have no idea whether to buy Google Pixel 5 or Pixel 4A5G.

Let’s take a look at some of your ideas to get a better idea of ​​what’s going on here.

Some of your ideas

The poll results tell only half of the story. Here’s what you have to say about Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A5G. You will find some critics, but you will also find some people who are very enthusiastic.

Drone 9
Get the updated Galaxy S20 Plus for the same price.

Jaw box
Pixel 5 coming from Pixel 2 XL is pre-ordered. $ 699 Still feels a bit tight and considering canceling? Apparently $ 599 would be perfect. $ 649 might be a good middle ground.

If they sell phones in Brazil / South America I will buy one. Google is losing money by selling their phones to South America.

Stanley Kubrick
My Samsung Galaxy S20 FE has now shipped! Better deal than any pixel (at least any new pixel by 2020).

Bought a 4x pixel. I am completely satisfied.

This is how some of our readers will feel about the Google Pixel 5 and Google Pixel 4A5G. Are you convinced that it is time to buy? Click one of the links below to grab one.


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