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Pokémon Sword and Shield the Crown Tundra gets an October release date

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September 29, 2020: Ash hat is given a picachu code during the stream, find it below!

The Pokොන්mon Company broadcast live that the Crown Tundra expansion will arrive on October 23rd at Pokමmon Sword and Shield. You can get a packet including a Pokමmon sword or shield, and both extensions will take place on November 6th. Fans looking forward to the full experience.

The Crown Tundra is the second area to be locked by the expansion shift, and the Isle of Armor is the first. From the trailer we can see that these areas vary significantly geographically and are located on a tropical island near the Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra Ice Range. This should lead to interesting ice type Pokමmon encounters.

The expansion will bring back more than 100 Pokමmon from previous generations, with the three Absol, Relicant, Swablu and Popular Reggies now expanding to a quarter with the addition of the electronic Regileki and Dragon-type Regidrogo. Fascinating new gallery models of popular birds such as the Moltrus, Sapdos and Articuno are available for discovery and capture, as well as the latest legendary Mental / Grass Calirex.

You can watch the stream live here.

Hat Pikachu codes

A series of eight crowned Picassos was unveiled on the Crown Tundra live stream. These codes can be redeemed from a Pokමmon sword or shield. Only one code has been detected so far, but this section will be updated when more code is detected!

Newly discovered Pokemon

The new Pokemon Crown arrives in the tundra. During the amplified live stream, the toxic / mental type gallery exhibited slow and steel type Gigantamax Melmetal.

What we know about the crown tundra

Similar to the Isle of Armor expansion, the Crown Tundra will add a variety of fresh beauty items such as new winter-themed outfits and new league card designs.

Dynammax Adventures, the first latest sports model, is a co-operative model where players can explore the Pokමmon genre. In this mode, you will be involved with three other players to find the Pokමmon dens status and compete in the Max Raid battles, which will be played similar to the basic games. The main privilege of completing a Dynamax adventure is the opportunity to capture the popular Pokemon that return, including Mevtvo, Giratina, Lugia, Ho-O and many more.

The second new model is the Gallerian Star Tournament. You will unlock this mode as you proceed through the story of the Crown Tundra. In this tournament, you will compete in 2v2 battles against Gallar Gym leaders, your rivals and Gallar champion Leon.

Rumors are circulating that a Pokමmon Diamond and Pearl Remaster may be released, but Crown Tundra will have to line up restless fans until further notice of a future release.


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