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Our Creatures of Aether giveaway has now ended

creatures of aether giveaway


October 22, 2020: The designs on our Ether Gift are now complete. Check your inbox to see if you are a winner!

Ever since it was released a few weeks ago, we ‘ve been a bit obsessed with card creators called Creatures of Ether. Developed as a prototype of the popular fighting game, Ether’s rivals, the Creatures, are moving in a slightly different direction, while retaining the features and fun multiplayer focus of the previous game. Ether’s creations focus around it, adding elemental monsters to the selection in the form of cards, then you wage war against opponents.

The game is centered around the positioning of the cards, where you try to capture as many enemy creatures as possible, giving your monsters the power to match certain elemental squares. Ether’s designers have a multi-tasking and fun card-crawling mode where you go from room to room and fight in a dungeon to earn special booty.

Great, huh? Well, that’s why we decided to partner with Creatures of Ether to deliver the opening packages of the game this week. The code works for both Android and iOS and earns you 125,000 gold, 1,000 deep abysses and four powerful ‘rivals’ who can lead your deck.

So if it seems like a good time to gather the animals and fight with them, feel free to step down! All you have to do is fill out the competition form, but please look at our terms and conditions first.

You can find ether designs for free Google Play and App Store. You will also find the creators of our list of the best mobile card games.


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